Khauhelo Sefali was born in Taung raised in a small village called Buxton in the North West. She’s a soul who believes in truth and nature, which are her core inspiration in life and her art.

Khauhelo Portrait 2  Khauhelo portrait

Khauhelo but you can call her Khau mostly does portrait commission for people. If not that,she’s busy doing her art for future exhibitions.She was born with this gift, Art and her are one& has carried it  from a very young age.She states “Its my life. I don’t remember exactly when but I can say from preschool. Lol! From there I got more into it, drawing people, portraits, facial expressions and so on that’s what I’m into. I’m an artist who loves experimenting with things. I started from using a pencil, ink, paint to coffee.”

Khauhelo 4   Khauhelo 5

Khauhelo 6

She carrys on “Art is quite big at the moment back then people were quiet about it or were not interested in it as much as they are today, which goes to show how big its becoming. More and more Artists are coming forward and are doing their thing now African art is now trending in the world. I can say art has become more and more alive now then back in the days. There’s hope for artists, which makes me very happy”.

Khauhelo 7  Khauhelo 8

Khauhelo 9

Khau’s vision is strong she plans to make an exhibition happen before the year ends and travel around south Africa showcasing her work as an artist, “I want to share my gift to people by teaching them about art, its history and the way forward with people from kids to elders. So my biggest dream that will soon become a reality will be to open up a workshop and gallery, make it one thing, where I will be teaching, sharing and creating art. I believe art is meant to be shared with everyone”.

Khauhelo 3  Khauhelo 2

Khauhelo 1


Instagram: @khauhelo_s

Facebook: Khauhelo Sefali/ Khauhelo S


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