Jenny Parsons is an urban landscape painter who works mostly in oil on canvas and chalk pastel. Landscape painting is a place for the eye and mind to play, where the experience of the landscape and the act of painting hold equal importance.

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Her work is fascinating with vertical objects on the landscape: trees, buildings, lampposts and other structures; as well as the “drawings” on the land created by roads, paths and other demarcations. Jenny makes connection between horizontal and vertical, mass and detail, solidity and fragility further explore the human relationship to the land, that’s the intriguing element in her artwork.

Jenny Parsons 1   Jenny Parsons 2  Jenny Parsons 3

Born in SA in 1967, Jenny graduated in Fine Art and lectured at the Natal Technikon before moving to Cape Town in 1991.She has then worked with the Community Arts Project, the Durbanville Cultural Society and the Ruth Prowse College of Art and Design where she was head of the Fine Art Department. In 2000 Jenny became a full-time artist, hosting exhibitions frequently in South African galleries. Parsons work is thoroughly loved&enjoyed worldwide.

Jenny Parsons 4   Jenny Parsons 5  Jenny Parsons 6


Jenny Parsons 7   jenny_parsons 8 Jenny Parsons 9


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