Social media is a world where some people try & build their strength & power by insulting & name calling other peoples body images. When it came to twitter& ThickLeeYonce I always observed the way people lash out at her for loving her body, embracing it & sharing her life experiences with people who might be going through the same situation.

thicklee     leyonce          thickleeyonce2

Affectionely known as “ThickLeeYonce” Lesego Lebogane is originally from Potchefstroom, a bold, sexy & curvaceous lady. I acknowledge the fact that we might not ALL love Lesego or approve of the way she dresses, at the end its about her doing what’s best fit for herself. Miss Lebogane is a photographer and Political Science major student at Wits University

Being a beautiful and stylish woman who holds dearly everything beautiful about herself, is not apologetic & shouldn’t even consider adapting the apologetic mindset, embracing her beauty is a golden element no one can abstract from her. I fully relate to Lesego because I’m an African woman blessed with big buttocks that some people envy. I used to hate the way I look, be afraid to look at the mirror because I couldn’t stand the site of my assets, I couldn’t own up & say THEY ARE MINE&GOD GIVEN assets to love & be confident in.


When ThickLeeYonce surfaced on twitter she instilled self confidence, self love removed self doubt, hate & taught me to love myself no matter what happens. I owe myself happiness & peace. We should learn from each other, empower each other, give each other love, support & genuine kindness. How will we grow if all we do is mock ,degrade & belittle each other? there’s no room for growth, actually no unity.


Quotes by ThickLeeYonce.       

“Loving your body, especially when the world tells you not to, is hard. Forget the media, and what the world thinks, learn to love yourself just the way you are – that’s the philosophy”.

“A beautiful woman is one who is content with her flaws and accepts herself as she is, and doesn’t need anyone’s approval or validation about how she looks.”

ThickLeeYonce’s aim & vision is to change the mindset of young black girls to not succumb to the media’s “idea” of beauty. Make them take pride in themselves, love who they are & strive to be better each day & cut out negativity from their lives & not forgetting killing people with kindness& a big smile.

Coming to her craft-photography, ThickLeeYonce is an incredibly distinct photographer that has worked with big names in the media industry, which has put her work on the map. She has taken celebrity photography to a whole new level showing their soft & gentle side through her lenses.

thickleeyonce 2

The world is a chaotic place, and a photographer uses composition to separate their chosen subject from that chaos. The perfect way to describe her work is merely every photo she captures can cross the Rubicon and be forever a piece of beautiful art, she appreciates diversity & that hinterland between a regular photo and evocative art is a moving target from person to person and taste to taste.

ThickLeeYonce 1 omuhle  thickleeyonce 3  thickleeyonce 4

Lesego gives you the visual and memory infrastructure to see beauty where you never realized. She is open to exploring other styles, subjects and methods of photography.The understanding of her own personal style of photography has taught her to break limitations and make conscious decisions on her use of color to create emotion.

thickleeyonce 9 thickleeyonce 10  thickleeyonce 11

thickleeyonce 5  thickleeyonce 8           thickleeyonce 7

That’s the offering Miss Lesego Lebogane offers through her photography and so you know you don’t have to be a celebrity to book her 🙂

thickleeyonce 1    thickleeyonce 6  thickleeyonce 13

From me Sibongile Jafta to you Lesego Lebogane “The confidence you uphold is a unique factor that makes you stand out, given the challenges and negativity you have experienced, God has made you this wonderful masterpiece that is in earth to inspire and motivate your fellow sisters. Giving women boldness and courage to love and be comfortable in their own skin is a sacred gift that runs deep, from TheCreativePattern WE LOVE THICKLEEYONCE stay blessed and keep your photography on the rise.

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