1 Who is Amkelo Jiyane?

Amkelo Jiyane is young driven individual. Meek and sweet yet bold and loves a challenge.

Amkelo Portrait 1  Amkelo Portrait 2

Amkelo Portrait 1 Amkelo Portrait 3  Amkelo Portrait 2

2.How&what made you lend into fashion designing?

I believe it found me. Started during my high school stages of sketching designs when bored in class which ended up being a design to my first show. I had a thrill for craftmanship and quality work that evoked emotion. That’s when Fashion started playing a huge role in my life.

3.Whats your philosophy about the ART of fashion?

Craftsmanship surpasses all aspects. At the end of the day people must be able to wear the clothes and conquer each day. Clothes must be a part of the life memories we create and evoke inner emotions.

4.What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?

Trying new things,  seeing fabric transform to extraordinary garments.

Amkelo Jiyane 1  Amkelo Jiyane 2

Amkelo Jiyane 3

5.What are the challenging parts of designing?

Being on the constant tip of fashion,  stay current yet trend and stylish.

6.Your most influential fashion designer&why?

Zano Skorch – Love his tailored workmanship.  Quite extraordinary

Thula Sindi- the commercial ready to wear appeal of the influential independent woman

Ephymol- His bold male Afrocentric value.

Wraw Silke- They’re exploration in Couture is exquisite.

7.Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste? Can you briefly describe your style?

Definitely does. I love simple yet with a bit of as twist yet functionable. Must have attitude.

Amkelo Jiya  Amkelo Jiyane 5

  1. What were your inspirations for your winter lookbook shoot you created?

The idea was to create a monotone foundation for the over layed garments being the jackets. I wanted to keep it minimal yet with a repitition with the prints and line work.

9.As menswear is expanding in South Africa on a yearly basis how will your designs reflect in terms of their aesthetic?

The modern man is aware of what looks appeal to him and taking it upon himself to look discover his style through fabric, colour, layering, accessories etc to discover that. Its a journey worth exploring.

10.What is the simplest design you think could be in for all seasons?

A tailored shirt! A simple classic.

11.Local&international street style muse?

LanceLot (Heir Of Zion) has a great eye for attention to detail.

Amkelo Jiyane 6   Amkelo Jiyane 7

12.Which publication would best suit you, give you growth & be an ultimate eye opener, Vogue or Harpers Bazaar?

VOGUE. I love their level of exploration and never wanting to settle for mediocre.

13.What do you find characteristically original about your designs?

Amkelo Jiyane 8  Amkelo Jiyane 9

Neatness. Comes with great quality craftsmanship.

14.How do you balance creativity with commerce?

As difficult as it maybe, it has to be done. I spend sooo much time creating I forget to commerce.

15.Any collaborations with  young South African creatives from designers to photographers?

More is come for AMVR I belive. I love the creative that surround me.

16.How did your location have an impact on your shoot?

It influenced the kind of approach to colour, as to how the garments are seen from a certain perspective.

17.Given the chance to be GQ South Africa’s creative director which elements/new approach would you add&how would you influence&engage your readers?

Nothing would change. If the modern man is creating &.exploring,  why remain static?

18.What to expect from you?

Currently working on retail clothings soon to be available at certain stores. Spring/summer collections are developing underway.

We TheCreativePattern would love to thank you Mr Jiyane for taking your time for the interview. All the best of luck with your future plans& may God bless you abundantly.

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