Dripping epitome of A class sex appeal is what you see when Idris Elba pops

idris-elba-3-360nobs    idris-elba-in-black-skinny-lapel-tuxedo-all-people-photo-u1   idris-elba-in-compa-grandad-long-sleeve-all-people-photo-u1

Ladies who better to get your adrenaline pumping ?

idris-elba-in-1-button-light-blue-tuxedo-all-people-photo-u1   idris-elba-in-satin-shawl-2-button-tuxedo-all-people-photo-u1    gq_idris-elba-s-gq-photo-shoot

There’s something about him that gets the ladies moist, that smile,those eyes, those suits.That’s the thing about Idris he remains sexy with or without clothes. Feast your eyes on these sexy&stylish photos of Mr Elba.

Rush-Limbaugh-Thinks-Idris-Elba-for-James-Bond-Is-a-Bad-Idea-Because-James-Bond-Is-White-468403-8     idris-elba-in-breasted-taupe-plaid-suit-all-people-photo-u1    idris-elba-in-checkered-2-button-lapel-notch-tuxedo-all-people-photo-u1

Pacific Rim Premiere   idris-elba-in-shawl-neck-jumper-all-people-photo-u1

idris-elba-in-clown-prince-t-shirt-with-tiered-jeans-all-people-photo-u1    idris

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