Being an Art lover I always find talent in South Africa young & old, artists that have & still creating a future for up coming creative minds in the Arts. The talent in my home soil is rich, vast,&very collaborative. We have artists that dig deep,feed our curiosity& express our inner & outer thoughts.

solomon_siko 11               Solomon Siko 1     Solomon Siko 2

Solomon Siko 6

Solomon Siko’s art developed in the aftermath of the Soweto uprising in 1976. He participated in the first free and democratic elections in 1994.Siko underwent an intense self-examination as he searched for a viable way to be South African and also a part of the world.

Solomon Siko 12     Solomon Siko 15    solomon_siko 10

“Siko’s vibrant paintings on heavily textured and engraved board are the theatre for a richly imaginative portrayal of ‘Street Life’. Siko loves to sketch the world around him. He combines these sketches in his larger studio pieces. The integration of his different sketches requires that he be fully articulate in the visual language he chooses. Humour is a positive force in our multicultural society: Siko, with his real gift for caricature, is still gentle in his application.”

solomon_siko 8      Solomon Siko 7

siko_solomon 13

Mr Siko has become a legend in his rightful way, with his works owned by people nationally as well as internationally& to top it off has a very rich resume.

Solomon Siko 9      Solomon Siko 5

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