Maria McCloy is a publicist,journalist,accessory designer,an absolutely incredible african print shoe&clutch creator&an icon of the Johannesburg urban culture scene,Yes all in one. Maria attended high school at St Anne’s boarding school in KwaZulu Natal then after went to Rhodes University to study Journalism in Grahamstown the Eastern Cape before moving to Johannesburg to make her dreams a reality.

maria       Maria Portrait 3  Maria Portrait

“I was born an accessories freak my mother says as a child I always loved the market.She has made a mark for herself through her crafted art.She makes beautiful, local infused pieces,pieces you will certainly purchase. Miss McCloy’s creations are quality,they are outstanding,authentic,made with love&designed to please the eye.


SONY DSC   Maria_Podesta_3

Maria owns an exquisite, beautifully decorated flat in Yeoville with all things artistic.A home that breathes Art in every corner. What is appealing about Yeoville to her is its colourful nature and people from all over the continent live there. “I’m very happy to have a place you can tell is mine – it reflects my history, my family, the things I love, my passions and where I’ve been. It’s filled with African and heritage items with a global, urban, modern twist”.

Maria has collected a lifetime’s worth of artistic objects from her travels through Africa and abroad.She has bought some items in Lagos and in parts of India,another thing I love about Maria she’s a traveler,I love traveling&i have a soft spot for travelers.

Maria_Podesta_4             maria_Podesta_5

Maria_Podesta_6 Maria_Podesta_7

“I have paintings from my parents when they lived in Sudan and cloth from when we lived in Nigeria. I have a Xhosa cloth and a Shangaan cushion and am lucky to have one painting and three drawings by my good friend and client, artist Kudzanai Chiurai”. She is what I call a collector of beautiful things. To show that her work is remarkable it  has been featured in True Love, Destiny, Cosmopolitan magazines and she has been interviewed on CNN Inside Africa.All about expressing her distinct love&respect for craft&culture as a whole.

maria_Podesta_8 Maria_Podesta_9

Maria_Podesta_10 Maria_Podesta_12

What I personally love about Maria is the need to strive for diversity, originality & infusing different cultures in her work. She is innovative& cautious in business, has a fruitful& contagious attitude, and crafts quality that is uniquely made& highly appreciated.

Maria Podesta 13    Maria Podesta 14

Maria Podesta 15    Maria Podesta 20

To purchase her African work catch her on Market On Main in Maboneng Precinct  Cnr Fox and Berea Johannesburg every Sunday from 10am to 3pm.You won’t regret it.

Maria Podesta 16       Maria Podesta 19

Do connect with her through the following social networks:

Twitter: @MariaPodesta.


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