MY 3 KINGS IN SOUTH AFRICAN FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY @TrevorStuurman @AnthonyBila &@ChisangaMubanga

Photography in South Africa has developed through its medium,aesthetic,skills,consistency,techniques,principles&rules.The growth is expanding, photographers are grasping the concept behind innovation, exploring the depth of their creativity& using photography as a whole to inspire & shake the unshaken. We have quite a number of really talented & groundbreaking photographers in the industry delivering their work in different aspects using the tool to speak the universal language.

I refer to these 3 gentlemen as “My 3 Kings In South African Fashion Photography” because of their sharp &genuine eye when capturing a subject. They crave authenticity & originality and are striving to stand out as stylish individuals portraying fashion as their key medium.

3 Kings In SA Fashion Photography

Trevor Stuurman of Stuurman Style Diary

Kimberley born artist with a BA In Motion Picture honors graduate, he majored in Costume, Make-Up & Styling (CMS) at AFDA, photographer, freelance stylist& blogger.A guy that loves bold prints, cool sunnies and hats (Prince Of Hats).

TREVOR    stuurman_1Portrait

Trevor is already a well-known name in South Africa’s fashion industry with his impeccable taste in fashion & style. His quality camera skills won him the title of ELLE Style Reporter in 2012&since then his work has been doing the talking on his behalf.

Trevor Stuurman 1 Trevor Stuurman 14 Trevor Stuurman 13 Trevor Stuurman 12 Trevor Stuurman 11

What do I love about Trevor’s Work?

The combination of different styles,trends& personalities&telling a strong narrative about fashion through photography.

Trevor Stuurman 15 Trevor Stuurman 9 Trevor Stuurman 7 Trevor Stuurman 6 Trevor Stuurman 5 Trevor Stuurman 3




Anthony Bila The Expressionist.

Anthony Bila is a photographer, illustrator, writer, stylist& of course an all round renaissance man.

Anthony-Bila-website  Anthony Bila Portrait

Anthony grew up in Tembisa & he believes growing up in the township molded & enhanced his artistic abilities to a broader audience.”My background has influenced me in that I want to challenge convention and break through the glass ceiling enforced on me as a creative person and as a creator”. Mr Bila visualizes & paints himself as a creative trans dimensional traveler who explores new worlds in his quest to express his innermost feelings.

Anthony Bila 11 Anthony Bila 9 Anthony Bila 8

Anthony’s blog The Expressionist is firm, one of the kind,distinct taste of a celebration & reflection on the edgy, unique and individualism he has&wants to share. Anthony’s unique sense of style, reminiscent of the laid back chic of New York based Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette and that earned him a place on South African GQ’s 2011 Best Dressed list.The vision Anthony Bila has as a creator is to express his passion about his talents & give you a deep insight on who he is & his personal taste.

“I’m interested in documenting the variety of subcultures that traverse our culture not just the internet famous one of Braamfontein.I want to go international and bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa.

Anthony Bila 7 Anthony Bila 6 Anthony Bila 5 Anthony Bila 3

What do I love about Anthony’s work?

The rich vibrant, chilled, creative scene he puts out on his work. The ongoing aim & vision he has with his work, tapping through the rich tapestry of Africa as a whole in decisive moments through the creation of images.

Anthony-Bila_2            Anthony-Bila.0011




Chisanga Mubanga Of Rebels Without Pause.

Chisanga Mubanga is a street fashion photographer based in Johannesburg. Chisanga branched into commercial street photography for local and international brands expanding his creative imagination & bringing an offering that will make him stand out from the rest of the other photographers.

Chisanga Portrait    Chisanga Mubanga Portrait 2

Through photography he has been able to visualize fashion in different dimensions. His blog has paved a journey of collaborations with everyday people he hopes to tell African stories of personal style and creativity .Mr Mubanga uses his camera skills to produce, capture memory-infused images of young creatives telling their personalities & style through fashion.

chisanga 1 chisanga 4 chisanga 5 chisanga 6

What do I love about Chisanga’s work?

The aesthetic of the images he produces are a reflection of  modern South African individuals expressing who they are through what they love best, Fashion .He highlights culture & moments that accompany it, engaging you the audience, every image is a unique piece with a lot of ideas& techniques involved.

chisanga 7 chisanga 8 chisanga 9 chisanga 2 chisanga 10




Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Chisanga Mubanga 2 Chisanga Mubanga 1


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