@LuthuliDlamini OOZES SEX APPEAL

Luthuli Dlamini is a South African actor born in Zimbabwe and raised in England. After completing school Mr Dlamini moved to South Africa to put himself in the map in the film & television industry. He has made numerous television appearances in shows such as Drum, Snitch, Scandal, Generations, Isidingo, justice For All and The Res.


An incredibly talented&grounded man has fully established&gave us a taste of his God given talent.He has also graced us ladies with his juicy sex appeal&british accent.My take on Mr Dlamini… I can’t seem to find the perfect words to describe how sexy he looks&speaks,his very manly.When he played Scott Nomvete on Generations& constantly referred to his harem as  “Amaqhawekazi” I wished to melt in his presence.


Yes his old enough to be my uncle, an uncle with a lot of edginess (if you know what I mean 😉 ), no harm in expressing the good genes he inherited that make the ladies fall for him. If I could fully express what makes you sexy trust me I would have summarized it into 2 words.


You are a breathtaking, your sex appeal is effortless,never forced,very attractive,oozes class&elegance. This is merely my appreciation, I mean I would go on forever when it comes to Mr Dlamini’s sexiness.  Take a look at him

Luthuli Dlamini 2      Luthuli

Catch him on social media

Twitter: @LuthuliDlamini

Facebook: Luthuli Dlamini


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