Phumzile  a mother and daughter has followed informal tuition in the arts by assisting many embroiders, knitters and weavers in her hometown of Katlehong. She has come a long way since, forging an individual identity as a female black artist.

Phumzile Buthelezi August 13             Phumzile Buthelezi 12

She joined Artist Proof Studio in 2005 for NQF4 Product Design & Development, where her embroidery skill could be developed and put to good use. She did not really have a mentor, she had to do her best in a male dominated industry. Phumzile had already learned the basic knowledge of art, and she craved craft.

Phumzile Buthelezi 11                Phumzile Buthelezi 10        Phumzile Buthelezi 9              Phumzile Buthelezi 2 Phumzile Buthelezi 1

‘Art is famous for producing poor icons,’ Phumzile confesses from the onset, lamenting the lack of security for women in society among the many pitfalls artists must contend with on a daily basis.

Phumzile Buthelezi 8             Phumzile Buthelezi 7       Phumzile Buthelezi 6

Phumzile Buthelezi 5           Phumzile Buthelezi 4          Phumzile Buthelezi 3


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