I get excited everytime I talk about my all time favourite movies they make my heart skip a beat and here they are.

  1. WILD CHILD (2008).

Sixteen-year-old spoilt brat Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) luxurious L.A.girl who practically got whatever she wanted from her father.She then decides to pull an over-the-top prank that pushes her father over the edge, Poppy is then shipped off to an England/English boarding school called Abbey Mount.


Finding herself in a foreign world of early curfews, stern matrons, and mandatory lacrosse, Poppy has finally met her match: a school of British girls who won’t tolerate her rebellious ways. Hahahahahaha taste of her own medicine. Poppy continues her bad-girl behavior that didn’t end quite nicely. Destroyed friendships and brought chaos in her life but at the end she did things by the book & corrected all her wrongs. Whenever I watch Wild Child it feels like it just hit the cinemas yesterday.


Andrea “Andy” Sachs (Anne Hathaway), an aspiring  journalist fresh out of Northwestern University unawaringly lands herself the magazine job “a million girls would kill for”. The sound of that is awesome&catchy I know.Her job is  Junior personal assistant to fiercy editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), who dominates the fashion world in her Runway magazine. She puts up with the absurd and humiliating requests of her boss because, she is told so. if she lasts a year in the position she will get her pick of other jobs, perhaps even the journalistic position she truly craves.


This is a legendary fashion movie, beautifully made from the opening sequence till the end I love.


Aaron (Chris Rock) and Ryan (Martin Lawrence) are two brothers who have totally different personalities and views on life. Aaron, the older son, is a well-mannered and hard working young man, married to Michelle (Regina Hall), and still living at his father’s home. When their father dies, it is up to Aaron to organize the funeral and give the eulogy. Aaron and Michelle have been trying to buy their own home and have children but have been unsuccessful. Aaron envies Ryan because Ryan is a successful writer, while he has not had his novel published, and resents his brother because he would rather spend money on a first class ticket from New York to Los Angeles than help him pay for the funeral expenses.


A whole lot happens in the movie especially the start of the climax when Oscar hallucinates that the coffin is moving; he knocks it over, which pushes the body out of the coffin.

Totally funny movie,its relaxing makes me forget I have problems,I just focus on the twist&turns of the funeral.


You can NEVER go wrong with Madea on you All Time Favourite List.

While planning her family reunion, the pistol-packing grandma, Madea (Tyler Perry), must contend with the other dramas on her plate, including the runaway who has been placed under her care and her troubled nieces, half-sisters Lisa and Vanessa. Her niece Lisa is engaged and has an abusive fiancé and informs her mother but is ignored due to her mother’s greed,such a greedy&vicious mother. Vanessa is trying to find love while struggling to forgive her mother for allowing her stepfather to rape her numerous times in her younger teen years. Madea is on to help fix their problems and help them realize who they are.


Madea is always the hero, funny woman,funny moments through out.Madea is a win.


I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan,my parents didn’t understand my love for it but now they do they even join me when I watch awesome hey?

While home with the Dursleys for the summer, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is not getting any mail from his friends, Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson). On his twelfth birthday (July 31) Harry is visited by Dobby, a house-elf, who warns Harry that he will be in mortal danger if he returns to Hogwarts. Harry ignores Dobby’s warning and is determined to return. It turns out that Dobby has been collecting Harry’s letters to make it seem as though his friends had forgotten him, hoping Harry might then not want to return to Hogwarts. Seeing that he will have to use force, Dobby decides to destroy, by the use of a charm, a large cake that Aunt Petunia (Fiona Shaw) has baked for an important dinner party attended by Vernon Dursley’s (Richard Griffiths) boss and his wife. Harry is blamed by the Ministry of Magic for Dobby’s charm, and is told that if he does magic outside school again, he will be expelled. On learning that Harry cannot perform magic outside school, the Dursleys, previously fearful of his wizarding, lock Harrys books and wand away and Vernon Dursley fits bars onto his bedroom window, making Harry a prisoner.


You know how long Harry Potter movies are,they are my total escapism,a whole different world&interesting narrative.


Nicolas Cage ,Angelina Jolie and Vinnie Jones  team up to bring you GONE IN 60 SECONDS…an Action-Packed Heist caper that combines hi-tech action with refreshing comedy and never lets up for a minute. Legendary car booster Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nicolas Cage) thought he’d left the fast lane behind — until he’s forced out of retirement in a do-or-die effort to save his kid brother (Giovanni Ribisi) from the wrath of an evil mobster! But with speed to burn and attitude to spare, Memphis hastily reassembles his old crew — a rogues’ gallery including Robert Duvall  and floors it in a full-throttle race to pull off the ulimate car heist: 50 exotic beauties in 24 hours — and the cops are already on to them.


Action.Action.Action.Can’t get over it.

7.WHITE CHICKS (2004).

Two black FBI agents, Kevin and Marcus (Shawn and Marlon Wayans), have gone undercover to bust a drug dealer, but their sting falls apart. Their boss gives them a new assignment to escort two hotel heiresses, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, to the Hamptons. The FBI has received word that there is a plot to kidnap the sisters at the Hamptons. As they are driving from the airport to the Hamptons, the girl’s little dog goes out the window, and causes them to have a wreck. The two girls end up with cuts on their faces in the wreck. Brittany and Tiffany take a stand, and refuse to go to the Hamptons looking like this. If they don’t go, the kidnapping plot will not occur. Kevin and Marcus will fail again, and probably lose their jobs. They decide to disguise themselves as the Wilson sisters and catch the kidnappers. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

This movie makes me sooo happy.especially Brittany&Tiffany’s favourite song by Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles “Making my way downtown”


That’s sums up my all time favourite movies.  What are yours?do share 🙂


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