Mak Manaka

“In Time” A poem inspired by Mak’s disability.

When I walk…

The sun will scotch the earth

Unwanted infants will cry before birth

Believers in humanity

Will live after death

And taste their spiritual wealth.

When feelings on my toes

Can tell the difference

Between solid grounds and carpets

The moon will commit adultery

With the beautiful evening star

And father my daughter.

On that day

Rain will pour heavily

Yet children will play

And those who are unable to speak

Will have a say

When I walk

The deaf will talk

The blind will stare

And hope to live another day and share

The images they saw the past year.

Hatred will seize

Violence will be an illusive breeze

And all this abuse will have to freeze,


Coz respect for one’s self

Must manifest even towards the elderly

Without my two boys

I wonder if I will still make noise

When life’s liquid begins to ooze

A fresh breath of air through my bones

There will be an end

To bloodshed.

The world has seen and will continue to see

A million me’s

Planting nations

As strong as Samson’s DNA

Coz when I walk

Unborn prophets will listen

To poets spit lines to the sun

Even after dawn

Babies will speak before they teeth

This is not deep

But understand before YOU believe

That when I walk

My mother’s eyes will spark

In the dark

And give life to feelings

Murdered by the past

So until that day comes

Let’s hold on to our dreams


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