When you talk about suits I’m all eyes & ears, I’ve got endless love for their construction, designs& fabric. We slowly approaching winter in South Africa so the gentlemen need to be on their tip top shape in the fashion map & be able to keep warm. Remember winter suiting does not have to be dull & boring you can apply the same creativity you used during summer and style to your cold weather ensembles perfectly& effortlessly.

To purchase the right suit, pay attention to the suit’s construction and fabric that is key. The construction and fabric will determine the suit’s ability to keep you warm.

Here are  types of suits.

The Wool Suit.

Wool is the most popular suit fabric. Wool is a fabric renowned for its ability to drape nicely, maintain its form, and its versatility in being able to be spun as loose and breathable or tight and warm as necessary, its flexibility is expandable. Wool suits have maintained a high position of being the most popular suit on the market for decades, because of its versatile qualities.


The Cashmere Suit.

A coveted and luxurious suit fabrics on the market, cashmere is know for its unparalleled soft texture, comfort, and most importantly warmth. and its lack of durability.


The Tweed Suit.

Tweed is the best winter suit fabric that will always give a man a timeless look . The fabric is made from wool and created by combining three differently colored yarns, which are then twilled. Tweed is a suitable  winter suit choice because it is thick, warm, water resistant, and durable, all in one package.  tweed suits are a little heavier compared with most suits.


The Flannel Suit

Flannel suits are for more mature gentlemen but quite heavy, but it has reinvented itself as a suit fabric for the bold and stylish modern man. Its weather appropriate. Flannel is made out of worsted wool, and is similar to tweed and herringbone in terms of look, but its more softer. The advantage of Flannel is its quite hip and stylish.


The Herringbone Suit.

the herringbone is heavy, warm, and durable, a great buy. What distinguishes herringbone from tweed is a distinctive thin zig-zag pattern. Like tweed, herringbone suits are made from twilled yarn. Both tweed and herringbone fabrics consist of a tighter weave than most suits, making for a more structured and durable garment. The thickness of the fabric paired with the subtle zig-zag design cause this suit to give off an illusion of depth, making this suit ideal for gentlemen on the slimmer side.


Now let’s focus on winter suit colors, just because winter is prime time for darker hues, that does  not mean you can’t play around with colors.

The following are best suit colors for winter.


Oxblood is a deep shade of burgundy,it commands presence and attention when you walk into a room while maintaining a suits formal essence. It’s bold enough to make a statement.



A must have on your wardrobe great color that makes a statement on its own.The dark green looks great and is a classy alternative to the traditional neutral tones. Slightly jewel-toned in hue, but still deep and reserved.



Cognac is a neutral color that is more modern  and stylish. Cognac is a perfect suit color for those looking to add a unique element to their ensemble without being overstated& a very subtle color.



Deep purple on a suit will be sure to give  you an edge to stand out. Like oxblood, plum is a bold color choice, so wear it with pride,confidence and you’ll be sure to look like a true connoisseur of style.


Not forgetting the accessorise,accessorizing your suit is a vital element to add to your look.Choose accessories that either complement (dark hues) or contrast (bright, patterned) your suit for a big impact.Play around textures and patterns to add dimension&volume to your look. Knit ties or bow ties are a great seasonal accessory for winter, and look great with everything.

SCARFS 1 (1)                winter_suit_guide_01_accessories1

Scarves are a signature winter essential that also adds style and will keep you warm. Adding some floral to your ensemble gives off that fun look to your outfit. Dark florals are definitely happening for winter, and you can achieve this trend with a floral tie, simple dark floral button up, or even a floral pocket square. You dont have to stick to dark, subdued hues just because its winter be versatile. Add a level of style and dimension to your winter look through your accessories.

SCARFS 1 (2)


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