Thina Zibi is a photographer born in Mthatha and raised in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape but based in Johannesburg South Africa. I’m absolutely inlove with her authentic work, the aesthetic is powerful. She challenges her creativity and delivers art in her utmost best.

thina zibi 5             thina zibi 6

thina zibi 1                   thina zibi 2

Thina has the covetable ability to capture intimate moments between friends or strangers and also has an intelligent eye for street fashion. She keeps me coming back for more, Her works develops and she forms a solid relationship between herself, her lenses and the subject.

thina zibi 11            936331_473944179343137_2146007206_n

Thina-1_Nandi-600x400           Thina-4_Lufuno-600x400

Thina-6_Bobo-600x400          Thina-7_Moonchild-600x400

Thina has this burning vision that she projects in the most amazing way ever. I visit her blog once a week to explore and catch an insight on her thoughts through her craft.

thina zibi 13        thina zibi 14

thina zibi 10               thina zibi 12

Thina is a capturer

thina zibi 9     thina zibi 8


thina zibi 15       thina zibi 3




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