Let’s start off by saying she’s my home girl :). Khanya is a model, presenter ,actress & MC signed under Cover Model Management in Cape Town. Born & raised in East London in the Eastern Cape. Khanya Ngumbela attended high school at  Diocesan School For Girls best known as DSG in Grahamstown. Went off to Cape Town to study presenting & modeling.

khanya 3

Now she is making it, she has done quite a number of modeling gigs that have set the tone for her career & still paving a brighter future for her. Just to name a few she was on the top 10 Top Billing presenter search in 2012,achievement on its own to be part of the top 10.Her first cover in Cirque Magazine. Oh! you remember the Spur advert she was on, busy indulging in the juicy& marinated Spur steak?&wanting to do more takes? Yes That’s her. She’s good at what she does & is shining. Miss Ngumbela is an inspiration to young & growing models.

khanya 6                  Khanya1

She believes in being different, standing out in the crowd, believing in your dreams, connecting with God & walking with faith at all times. She never thought she would be this far in life but look at her, she’s doing it with courage.                             Opportunities are endless if you open your mind.


Khanya is a perfect model in my eyes ,look at her caramel,clear&glowing skin. Beautiful.

Khanya 2                     khanya 5

khanya 4


Facebook Page: Khanya Ngumbela.


All the best with your future plans Khanya.God is with you.


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