I love the Quann twins,they have a very distinct taste in style,everything about them I Love. Gorgeous faces&beautiful bodies and fashion slayer ,they own their kind of fashion that’s what makes me love them even more.

Stylish Quanns                     Quann Slayer

Takenya and Cipriana Quann,best known as the Urban Bush Babes, are popular for their distinct personal style ,fashion bloggers and modeling gigs. Quann’s are identical twins. Cipriana always has her hair in a bun and TK Wonder rocks dreadlocks best way to separate them. Blogging alone is extremely hard, a whole lot of dedication&research is put into it,but blogging with a partner is twice as hard but they have mastered the art of compromising and merging both visions as one,with TK&Cipriana they are a match,they share the same vision,taste in style&execute their vision to the fullest.

TK&Cipri Quann            Quann Sisters Collage


3 words to describe the twins are URBAN. RAW. ORIGINAL best words to describe them. Scouted by some of the top modeling agencies in the world, gracing several nationwide covers, billboards and campaigns, including the face for CoverGirl, past work with Sundance winning Director, Dito Montiel, as well as Head Costume Designer for Cannes selected feature film, ‘Privacy’ (awarded “Best Feature” in the NY Gen Art Film Festival), former high fashion Model, Cipriana has now transitioned over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Quann Lovers Craze Quann Twins Quann Photoshoot

As Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of, an online publication creating the definitive source for natural hair, fashion, beauty, health and arts & culture while living in NYC.I love the origination of the blog,very authentic&natural,they certainly bring a natural feel to the fashion industry.Take a look at how awesome their style is&evolving yearly.

Cipriana Quann in Green Cipriana Quann in lingerie How hot are the Quann twins colourful Quann Quann Hairdos

Quann Twins Quann Illustration Cipriana Quann  and Takenya Quann cipriana&Takenya Quann

I’m seriously obsessed with the Quann twins,the way they blend outfits, their color scheming is EVERYTHING.These girls are going far in the fashion industry.Sometime in my life a photoshoot and lunch is needed between me and the Quann sisters :).



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