SKYY VODKA PRESENTS THE #SKYYElevatedExperienceCPT 2015 @Skyyvodkasa

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 3       SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 2


The elevated experience is an annual Skyy vodka event in Cape Town,Johannesburg&Durban.Cape Town was the first stop on the 14th March 2015. The Capetonians served us with style,sophistication,CPT kinda partying style&of course good vibes.The MC for the night was none other than the man T-Bo Touch, can I get a *T-Bo touch horn?*

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 17

Guests that attended had a beautiful elevated SKYY experience.

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 22 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 21 SKYY #ElevatedExperienceCPT 19 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 16 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 10 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 8 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 6 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 1

The SKYY signature blue lighting landscape provided the perfect feel&mood for the event.One thing I can guarantee you,SKYY never disappoints,always delivers quality&lives up to its mission&value. Complimentary SKYY vodka cocktails  were served keeping the guests refreshed.

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 23 SKYY#ElevatexExperienceCPT 20 SKYY #ElevatedExperienceCPT 5SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 19

The crowd was entertained by our five time Metro FM winner, Cassper Nyovest,Mr Nyovest swayed the staged with his moves as well as Durban’s fly Hip Hop group Dream Team, the Zulu men are born performers. Other renowned artists included, Thibo Tazz, DJ Lloyd, Luwayne Wonder and p.H kept the crowd on their feet.

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 11 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 7

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 18

SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 14 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 9

SKYY#ElevatedExperience CPT 15 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 12 SKYY#ElevatedExperienceCPT 13

The event was a great success as per usual,the guests came out in numbers,graced&lived in the SKYY life. Every event SKYY hosts or is part of they market it to the fullest,make you part of the event&cater for your needs. The SKYY team lives the brand&speaks the brand,communicates through proper advertising. That’s how SKYY lives life. I trust&believe in SKYY Vodka.

Two more stops to go Johannesburg, let the jozi A-Listers unleash their life in the SKYY then we wrap it up with the Durbanities 😉

Twitter: @Skyyvodkasa




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