Award-winning Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has landed herself the new Chanel ad, joining Alice Dellal and a nude Vanessa Paradis as the faces of the house’s spring handbag campaign. In “3 Girls 3 Bags,” Karl Lagerfeld has each star model one handbag. Stewart takes the classic 11.12 handbag while Dellal and Paradis take the Boy and new Girl handbag respectively&they modeling the bags in class.

Kristen Stewart 13 Chanel girls

Kristen rocks a sleek silk crepe suit paired with a white tee and shows off a 11.12 bag made of lambskin. The bag features herringbone quilting and really stands out in the minimalistic campaign.

sexy kristen

The Chanel visionary selected the three woman because of how different they are  together, the individualism they uphold. They tell a story that represents the unique, timeless element of the fashion house while also infusing a breath of fresh air into the campaign.As Kristen shows off the iconic 11.12 handbag, Alice models the Boy Chanel bag while Vanessa shows off the new Girl Chanel bag. The shoot unveils the new Girl bag, Karl’s latest creation for the fashion house,anything with Karl’s touch is sophistication. All three can be seen posing alone in the black and white images.

Kristen Stewart for ChanelKristen&Karl

Alice,Kristen&Vannessa on te new handbag campaign


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