Born Lebogang Tshidiso Tshetlo in a small town called Kwathema in the Eastrand

2.Why the name Lebzskywalker?

Taken from the similarities I saw in Luke skywalker’s fictional life and mine, to follow your bloodline’s path or create your own destiny.

3.A brief history about you partaking in the Arts?

I have gone through so many transformation lol, sketching and poetry savedmy life when I was in a dark space as a teen, after i matriculated I was told a career in physics or photography was expensive, so I focused on poetry and craft. Met my father who made my attraction to the arts make sense .

co-founded the Reunited siblings with The talented Wesley Pepper and published 3 Unthologies under the movement i felt my poetry lacked Something for years and when I bought a Fuji film camera I knew photography was the element I was missing from my work but i still viewed photography as a career out of reach until I joined the content bar 2011, my path in content creation and management in the digital activations space brought photography closer to me than it ever had, LEBZSKYWALKER photography and poetry was born…

Lebzskywalker 1

4.What are some projects/ideas do you have for photographers?

Working on www.mzansipide.co.za for showcasing Mzansi street photography

5.How has social media played a role in your photography?

Instagram opened my eyes to the possibility of reaching viewers abroad; Facebook has allowed me to share my poetry in great ways

Social media is a powerful tool and it’s here to stay, if you not using it as a productive tool for your career/business you are missing out on great opportunities

6.What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started photography all over again?

Don’t listen to what people say, do what your heart desires

7.What other  photographers and collectives you like to follow and what about their work do you love?

That guy with glasses( his portraits are beautiful)

Dirk Charlmers ( his work embodies freedom of self)

Ett Venter ( breathtaking wedding photography)

@twenty4ours on Instagram ( collective of Digital, Film and mobile phone photographers…an interesting mix)

#bangbangjhbcollective (crazy fun photography)

Lebzskywalker 2

8.What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Canon 70d  and iPhone 5

9.What is your favourite photography accessory, other than your camera?

Lens cleaner, nothing more frustrating than getting great shots ruined by a dirty lens

10.What lighting equipment do you take on a shoot?

2cameras, all my lenses, 3speedlights, 2 SD cards,sand bags, umbrellas and stands and as many batteries I can fit into my camera bag

If it’s a studio shoot I add studio light kit lol I don’t travel light

Lebzskywalker 4 Lebzskywalker 3

11.Can you describe how and when you use flash, video light, reflectors and natural light?

I always try to use as much natural light as possible, if not then I use reflectors & Speedlight’s when I can’t get the desired lighting on my subject…I don’t do video…maybe in the future

12.How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Hardly ever use photoshop, i’m a  Lightroom user

13.One of today’s main discussion points amongst photographers is about the use of digital photography; do you use digital cameras?Yes, new technologies will always be met with reluctancy in traditional industries

14.What is the influence of digital technology on your photography? I started photography in the digital space, it’s the only thing I know, Just started learning film photography

Lebzskywalker 5

15.How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with his subjects to bring out their true self?

Very important, the connection between photographer and subject at some level is vital to producing great photos

  1. Locations and weather conditions seem to be a crucial aspect to a successful picture. How do you handle these unpredictable factors?

Lighting, one can create outdoor lighting inside a studio or vice verser if desired with the right lighting accessories

  1. How do you get yourself inspired for a photo shoot?

Conversations with the subject usually gets me fired up, tapping into their personality and using that knowledge to get the desired look is amazing for me

Lebzskywalker 7

18.What advice do you have for photography enthusiasts looking to go professional?

Hard to answer this one as I’ve just started my professional career as well but if I had to give any advice so far I’d say “don’t be afraid to put your work out there”, critisism is the best cartalist for molding your own unique style of photography

19. Any upcoming projects?

Yes lots, 2015 is going to be epic, I hope! Launching two big projects for both the poetry and photography.. Also expect a lot of collaborative work between me and other artists

Lebzskywalker 6

I would kindly like to thank Lebzskywalker for the interview, I dearly love your work and the amount of effort and enthusiasm you put in it. All the best with your future goals.

Do catch up with Lebzskywalker & do bookings through


Instagram: @Lebzskywalker



Cell number: 076 717 7802


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