Georgina Gratrix is an artist based in Cape Town best known for her distinctive&outstanding paintings.Her loosely made , playful,colourful style paintings, with thick layers of impasto paint is instantly recognizable.Her painting style is highly unique . Gratrix’s art explores the notions of celebrity, personality and pop-culture in relation to the history of painting, with subject matter and titles that humorously gesture towards contemporary life.Georgina’s motifs are for her own sort of hieroglyphics. Vicious eye lashes and bows, puppies, too many teeth, pineapples and palm trees, lonely birds. Kitschy tropicana. Adorable ugliness. Such beauty inspires her.

Georgina-Gratrix_Portrait_2014_Watercolour-on-Paper_100-x-70-cm-620x841 Georgina-Gratrix_Girl-with-Purple-Hair_2013_Oil-on-Canvas_90-x-72-cm-620x773

Gratrix adds “interested in puppies, parrots, beauty queens, Bacon, Dumas, Degas, Amor Vittone, Chanel handbags, Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber, Muafangejo and palm trees. I paint from doodles, magazine clippings and internet cullings. The paintings never look anything like the source material. All these pretty things become a little uglier. They become paintings.Georgina’s work has also ben showcased in group exhibitions include From Pierneef to Gugulective at the South African National Gallery, Cape Town, 2010 and ¡ALPTRAUM!, which travelled to Washington D.C. London, Berlin, Los Angeles and Cape Town in 2011. Gratrix presented her first international solo exhibition entitled Everything Ecstatic at Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam in 2010.

SMAC-Art-Gallery_Georgina-Gratrix_My-Show-Installation-View_Sala-Grande-262x175                Georgina-gratrix-rich-bitch-2014       SMAC-Art-Gallery_Georgina-Gratrix_My-Show-Installation-View_Sala-Grande-2-262x175

In 2012, SMAC Art Gallery presented My Show – Gratrix’s third solo exhibition comprising of new work. Georgina Gratrix was included in the exhibition The Beautyful Ones, curated by Storm Janse van Rensburg at Galerie Judin in Berlin in 2013.  Later  that year Die Tankstelle, Judin’s second galley, presented Gratrix’s solo exhibition The Berlin Paintings, an exhibition of the artist’s most recent paintings created during her stay in Berlin.

I am still inlove with Goergina’s solo project ‘The Show’ exhibition at the SMAC Art gallery it embodies paintings that are fresh, energetic, witty, vibrant and colourful – yet melancholic. Different feelings in one painting.

Georgina-Gratrix_The-Pink-Lady_2011_Oil-on-Board_100x80cm-141x175 Georgina-Gratrix_Please-Call-Me_2011_Oil-on-Board_120-x-80-cm-2-121x175 Georgina-Gratrix_More-Famous-Friend_2011_Oil-on-Canvas_160-x-130-cm-150x175 Georgina-Gratrix_Blink_2012_Water-colour-on-Paper_152-x-122-cm-134x175


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