We the CreativePattern had a one on one with the gorgeous Fundi Kumalo


I’m Fundile Kumalo but prefer to be addressed as Fundi

2.What do you do for a living?

I’m a Marketing & Events Manager

3. What made you decide to start blogging?

I had a radio feature on YFM where I spoke about the latest trends and tips how to incorporate the looks into your own style. Every week I would get tweets requesting for me to do a write up about all the trends I spoke of. And a friend of mine suggested I start blogging. I enjoy writing about fashion, and researching the latest trends. My blog is really about sharing and tips, and not the typical fashion blog about my OOTD (which is torture really! hehehehe) Kidding, but I barely post about my Outfits

4. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

I draw inspiration from so many sources. But I would say Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma and blogger Micah Gianneli (my new obsession)

Fundi Kumalo 1

5..What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Because fashion is constantly evolving, I tend to be drawn to more classic pieces. So currently I’m beyond obsessed with the white classic shirt. Whether it be the boyfriend shirt, the fitted shirt or the tunic shirt. I love it all.

6. Please describe your style?

Minimal. Less is more.

7. What item of clothing would you pick in Miroslava Duma & Olivia Palermo’s closet?


8. Who are slowly becoming a style icons in SA for you?

Not being biased or anything……but Melody Molale & Thuli Mola are my top favourite!

Fundi Kumalo 4

9. Which fashion week is your favourite New York Fashion Week,Paris Fashion Week,Milan Fashion Week or London Fashion Week?&why?

Paris Fashion week. We all know that Europeans are the best dressed 🙂

10. Which designer always delivers at the South African Fashion Week runway?

Well for me its African Fashion Week – Tiabo Bacar – his pieces emphasize the feminine body, and everyone that knows me will know I love class! His attires scream class & sophistication. LOVE! .

11. Who are your 2 favourite emerging designers and what is it that you love about them?

Only have one *hides* which is Tuelo – he probably is on par with Tiabo for me. Not comparing the two but he also adds class and understands the female body .

Fundi kumalo 2

12.In a nutshell, your philosophy is?

Let go and Let God. Live life and laugh as much as you  can

13.Favourite Fashion Magazine?

Elle Mag. I would lie and say Vogue….but I’ve only really had Vogue Mag maybe like 3 times in my entire life. hehehehe.

14. Being a personal stylist would suit you,why not venture into it?

It wouldn’t pay my bills ….hehehehe .

Fundi Kumalo 5

15.What’s the best thing a blogger can give to her readers?

Something fresh, something new, everyone is doing the same thing, basically we like sheep, Social Media has killed all originality, most are trying to be someone, or dress like someone. Bloggers need to break this curse! lol .

16. You have a beautiful body,please share on how you keep your body toned up.

Hehehehe thank you! Eat clean, train dirty and train that waist! YES waist training. But its not an easy road. I struggled to eat healthy and thought gym would be enough. But they actually go hand in hand. You can’t do one without the other. Still working on those abs 😉

17. Your Hangout spot?

I love anything with a roof top view……Hyde Park Southern Sun.

Fundi kumalo 3

18.Your ideal friday night?

Movies in bed with boo .

19.Favourite cologne?

BVLGARI – Rose Essential

20.Anything to expect from Fundi?

Yes a huge surprise. Still in the beginning process. So keep your eyes on my blog, insta and twitter pages.

Fundi Kumalo 7

Thank you for the interview Fundi,great insight on you&your love for the exquisite things :). Keeping an eye on your big surprises.

Do make sure you keep in touch with Fundi through.

Twitter: @Fundikumalo.




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