Dineo Seshee Bopape is an artist born in Polokwane, South Africa on 1981Dineo is known for her playful, experimental video works and cluttered installations of objects that explore the artistic world of performative aspects of culture. In her video/installation work The Eclipse Will Not be Visible to the Naked Eye (2009)My favourite. I am dearly touch by Dineo’s work,a true artist at its best. Bopape reconnected with her hometown Polokwane after years of studying abroad&gaining a broader knowledge of her craft. She films herself returning to Polokwane ,viewers watch the video play of installation full of objects that suggest the trappings of suburban domesticity.

dineo Seshee Bopapeportrait dineo seshee bopape

Increasingly focusing her practice on time-based mediums, Bopape has  explored virtual space in order to question, as she says, “If there is space within the virtual, how deep does it go? How far can a sound or an image recede?” Her other video works often comprise surreal mash ups of both abstract and representational imagery flowers and seascapes combined with animation, found footage, and sounds thats the unique element in Dineo’s work.

Dineo Bopapedineo-bopape-palettes

Dineo Sheshee Bopape has lived and worked all over the world, studying in South Africa, Amsterdam and New York. She integrates drawing, painting, performance and installation into her layered artworks, drawing on her own experiences to explore issues of gender, identity and race.Every art piece is carefully made&molded Art definitely speaks to Dineo. Her installations are bright, garish and full-bodied. She creates a world of its own through her artistry, combining video work with  objects. Each object has  a deeper meaning, yet a clear explanation always remains just out of reach. Bopape’s works invites you have your own interpretation to her deeply personal explorations of art.

bopape art Seshee Bopape

To prove that Dineo’s work Is truly loved her master pieces are included on Thinking, Feeling, Head, Heart at The New Church Museum, Cape Town. Other shows include the Danjuma Collection’s One Man’s Trash (Is Another Man’s Treasure) at 33 Fitzroy Square, London (2014); Ruffnek Constructivists, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (2014); and The Lightning Speed of the Present, Boston University College of Fine Arts (2014). I love the authenticity in Dineo’s work,its fascinating,deeply engaging,empowering,knowledge,sensational& sentimental.

The Progress of LoveDin.Bopape-Grass-greensky-blue


Dineo’s Blog


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