You know when you genuinely interested in someone’s life, journeys &up’s & down’s, besides his love for the camera & lenses, I sincerely find Mack Magagane a very intriguing, engaging & bold individual. Back to the topic at hand Mack Magagane& his photography journey. Mack Magagane is a Johannesburg based Documentary/Fashion/Fine Art/Portraiture photographer.

Mack Magagane_self potraitMack Magagane Self

His love for photography became solid in 2009 at the Market Photo Workshop In Newtown Johannesburg South Africa where he would lengthen& explore an artistic interest of architectural design and drawing through photography. His sister introduced Mack to the Market Photo Workshop, which is an affordable institution and in line with his interest besides architectural studies. During Mack’s photography study years ,he found out that Architectural studies& photography complement each other, work magic together& have a strong relationship on certain levels


Mack’s Southern Suburbia, Light Hours and …in this city are all his explorations around Johannesburg and Soweto. Him showing people how he sees the places through his lenses. How Johannesburg has somehow influenced the artist in him to rise&surface, how significant is his homeland& how reflective was his project towards his growth in photography. Mack has also showcased some of his work at has also exhibited at the FNB Joburg Art Fair and has received the 2011 ACT ImpACT Award within the field of Visual Art.

Mack_1Mack Magagane_Self potrait 2

Mack brings that different feel to the table more like dominant. That’s how I feel comfortable expressing his craft. Through his journey of being behind the lens, an exciting & adventurous opportunity for him was his photographic trip to Paris in 2013,how awesome?

Mack_4 Mack_2


It was an eye opener to the vast people & lives people live out in the world. Different atmosphere ,beautiful & inspiring scenery, simply having a broader look at life as an outsider peeping in. The effort Mack puts onto his work guarantees him big things in his life& career.

Mack_7 Mack_6 Mack_5

His pushing his creative envelope enhancing the depth of photography to live life. I salute you Sir Magagane keep the good work flowing.

Mack_10 Mack_9 Mack_8

Keep in touch with Mack.

Twitter: @MyKeyBoyIsWeird.

Facebook: Mack Magagane.



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