Naledi Sibisi is a young South African writer/poet residing in Cape Town.Amazing work she has. Original, authentic& diverse, that unique kind of writer I love. I lose myself in the art of her perfectly picked words.

Naledi Sibisi

.   An Obscure Artist By Naledi Sibisi.

I am an artist.

An obscure artist.

See, I was named with intention; the intention to shine

Brighter than the billions of stars in my infinite sky.

My infinite sky. It’s mine. I own it.

And no other tenant has the right to enthrone it.

I am an artist.

An obscure artist.

I may glance at a vacant canvas.


Paint it with words.

Write down pictures.

Scribble songs.

And draw odes.

I am an artist.

An obscure artist.

I mould my character daily.

I add

I erase.

Conceal blunders with clay

That’s exactly how I arrived at this place.

I am an artist

Let me explain,

Perfection one cannot attain.


I seek it in each piece

Thus each piece is incomplete.

See, I am an artist.

Highly obscure.

One who was named with intention; the intention to shine

Brighter than the billions of stars in my infinite sky.

Infinite sky. Hand crafted for me.

Then embellished by me.

Naledi is an artist that trains her soul to produce a masterpiece of its own kind.  She is certainly climbing the ladder in the world of writing. Everytime I take a moment & read through her poetry, I catch a vision she is sharing, an attractive vision that reveals who Naledi Sibisi is.

Naledi Sibisi 2

Dream Within A Dream By Naledi Sibisi.

My dreams are being controlled at the expense of consciousness

Systematically organized, the communism of my heads nest.

I’m petrified to fall asleep because I’m unprepared for the encounter

One more of a bother than in real life when I encount-her

And her

Questioning your choices to the point where I invent vocabulary

Trying to make sense of nonsense like you being mad at me

For not affording you attention? Something you’re used to

You want someone different but then different doesn’t suit you

When it slaps you in your face, altercat-ing with your ego

In the same way this text aggravates linguistic principles.

Bumping into you in fictitious venues is beginning to exhaust me

Like the coffee shops and libraries when I have no desire to read

Transported to euphoria where we become a team

And the smile uncertain to most becomes exactly as it seems

Because I begin to reflect the light within me that beams

Until my eyes awake and see you were a dream within a dream.

The genuineness in her work speaks for itself she doesn’t paint dreams or nightmares. She paints her own reality. I love the energy& positivity she applies on her work it speaks volumes. Naledi is ART she invites you to come into her world of embracing every aspect of you, a world of vision& beauty. She lives out loud, keep on slaying in the word of poetry. I LOVE YOUR AURA

Naledi Sibisi 3

Reintroduced To The People I’ve Been Introduced To by Naledi Sibisi.

I’m at home

On my own

With my thoughts

And my phone.

Red light flashing and I can’t reply now,

Even though I know it’s from the people who hold me down.

On the other side of the wall is my nephew J,

4 years old and he’s the product of pain.

4 years ago he entered the world, innocent and light

But it’s like the circumstances pushed him into the night.

So he walks around smiling but he can’t even talk right,

I swear the battle in his mind is what forces him to cry.

He’s only a child, he should be happy and care-free,

Instead he’s bitter and scared and sometimes finds refuge in me.

But I can’t even help because I feel just like he does,

19 years old and I don’t know how to trust.

Well, I know how to trust. Just, not with all of me

It’s just like when I love and I start to feel weak.

So I’m reintroduced to these people when I think this way,

‘Cause I start to wonder what turned me into this person today.

See it takes 2 to tango, that much I know

So I’m just as responsible for everyone’s faults.

Family who was here but not really here,

Made it harder to admit that I needed the cheer.

And the friends who suddenly went silent on me,

I didn’t let you in enough for you to believe me.

What goes around comes around and it’s no cliche

So I refuse to keep up with this game of roulette.

I’ve taken enough shots and a few went to my heart,

Another emotional shot will just rip me apart.

It’s a lethal game of chance and I don’t want to play anymore

If it means one day I’m a stranger at your door.

In the rare event that we’re reintroduced?

Hey, I’m Nal. And, I’m genuinely pleased to meet you.

Do catch up with her through the following:

Twitter: @naledisibisi.

Instagram: @naledisibisi.



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