Its my first time coming across Tapiwa Mugabe’s work & I must say I have been impressed & touched since reading his poetry.Tapiwa is a Zimbabwean writer who resides in England. I just felt the need to share his warm heartfelt words. Words that resonate in my mind. Here are some of his poetry work that bless my soul.

1. Wilderness By Tapiwa Mugabe

We made god,

a wilderness.

We made a god,

in the wilderness.

2. “Learning to pray quietly and learning sometimes battles are an exercise

Not every tear I shed deserves an altar

I am not made of pain and heartache

I am joy and indelible love”

– Tapiwa Mugabe.

Tapiwa Mugabe 1

3. Making Love By Tapiwa Mugabe.

“The most beautiful day ends with her.

How she left a shadow of her kiss on my lips

How her soft lingers on my hands.

And my body grows memory of how she felt.

And it starts like this,

Unknowingly laying here with her.

4.Boon By Tapiwa Mugabe

I was not averse to the idea of sharing worlds with you

But from young i was splintered

So i run to bruise,

I run for paradise.

I need curing of my proclivity for broken hearts

To live where tears meander.

Heaven seemingly

But ‘here’ will never be the breathing space you require

‘Here’ will always fall short of being everything….

Tapiwa Mugabe 3 Tapiwa Mugabe 4 Tapiwa Mugabe 2

5.You Are An Oceanic by Tapiwa Mugabe.

All she wanted was to find a place to stretch her bones.

A place to lengthen her smiles

and spread her hair

a place where her legs could walk without cutting and bruising

a place unchained.

She was born out of ocean breath.

I reminded her;  ‘Stop pouring so much of yourself into hearts that have no room for themselves

do not thin yourself, be vast.

You do not bring the ocean to a river.’

Want to interact with him?

Twitter: @TapiwaMugabe1.




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