To some who don’t know who Nayyirah is. She is a poet,author&writer.Nayyirah Waheed is a beautiful work of art,her work is often relaying what we all wish we could translate into words around emotions and themes we struggle with. Here are some of a artwork:

Nayyirah 14 Nayyirah 13 Nayyirah 12 Nayyirah 11 Nayyirah 10 Nayyirah 9 Nayyirah 8 Nayyirah 7 nayyirah 5 Nayyirah 4 Nayyirah 3 Nayyirah 2 Nayyirah 1

Yrsa Daley-Ward is an actress, writer and poet of mixed West Indian and West African heritage. Yrsa draws inspiration heavily on her own experiences and issues affecting today’s society, Yrsa interweaves each discipline to fuse poetry with theatre, music and storytelling and has been writing for as long as she can remember. Here are some of her work:

Yrsa Daley Ward 1Yrsa Daley Ward 6

Yrsa Daley Ward 2Yrsa Daley Ward 5

Yrsa Daley ward 3Yrsa Daley Ward 4

Yrsa Daley Ward 7

These two beautiful women inspire me with their words, they know how to heal a persons being with the use of words. I would love to meet them &share thoughts and ideas over coffee or tea.  Their poetry is pure, real and binds me to them.

Nayyirah Waheed

Twitter: @nayyirahwaheed

Instagram: @nayyirahwaheed

Blog: http://nayyirahwaheed.com

Yrsa Daley Ward


Instagram: @yrsadaleyward

Blog: http://yrsadaleyward.com

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