THE HOME OF FASHION welcomes us with not but style at its best. The Parisian streets become a runway of their own as the most stylish of the industry attend the top fashion shows. From the luxury fashion houses to edgy French labels, Paris fashion week sees the spring / summer and autumn (fall) / winter collections taking to the runway at both men’s and women’s dedicated fashion weeks.

My top 5 PFW Haute Couture:


The multilayered designs and storybook sets of other haute couture brands, Donatella Versace’s theme was refreshingly simple, uncomplicated yet daringly sexy. The pieces Versace showcased at the runway where of high elegance & style for the modern women.Long, form-fitting dresses hugged curves, while transparent cutouts and winding slivers showed legs, shoulders and hipbones.The cutouts are adventurous, fun & are a fashion statement on their own. The cuts were plunging and the colors were bold.Donatella described the spring-summer collection as being “about cut, and the curves of a woman’s body … when we started the collection, I said I wanted no straight lines at all. Every seam is curved. The collection is exploration of women’s curves& bringing out the boldness in them.

versace women1versace women 2versace women4

versace women3versace women 5


Alexis Mabille’s lineup of dramatic evening gowns in brilliant hues and va-va-voom shapes was perfect for hothouse personalities like front-row guest Dita Von Teese, who flew in to help the French designer celebrate 10 years in business. Congratulations Mabille on 10 years in the fashion business. Keep it going.Sinewy sequined dresses upped the sizzle factor. They included a midnight-blue bustier gown fit for Jessica Rabbit, and another in silvery gray that split open in front to reveal corset laces — and more than a flash of bare skin. Floral gowns were relatively more demure. A sequined black kimono was embroidered with giant poppies, while an oversize bloom sat on the shoulder of a pink crepe caftan. The latter opened the way for a sequence of curve-hugging gowns in mono-hue shades such as violet, raspberry, emerald and electric blue.

Mabille has a faithful couture clientele, especially in the Middle East, and this display stuck to his tried-and-tested formula of glamour dressing with an Old Hollywood feel.He added a perfect feel  to his collection,a feel of diversity. Exploring different cuts&fabrics. Alexis Mabille adds:”I really wanted a guy’s perspective on this collection,”.“It’s this idea that you can be versatile, going from extremely dramatic one day to frivolous and soft the next. When you buy fashion and you love fashion, that’s what you want. You put on a performance, in a way.




The mighty Chanel always delivers as expected,Chanel is the mightiest house showing haute couture in Paris  there are only a handful, granted.I’ve noticed over the years that Chanel never disapoints. Under an umbrella lovingly dubbed “Par Affection”, Chanel is the granddaddy, the majordommo. Lagerfeld can strut proudly around his show venue to rapturous applause, chest puffed, like the cock of the walk.

It was a swagger of supreme confidence. The catwalk at the Chanel couture show  was set inside a giant terrarium, with a centerpiece of life-sized tropical flora made out of white and grey paper. The paper buds opened into exotic blooms of pink, red and yellow as ladylike silhouttes strutted past. Karl Lagerfeld’s 73-piece collection boasted bare midriffs, tweed suits, crystal flowers and tulle gardening hats.That was my highlight on the Chanel show the garden hats what a way to make the show more intriguing,the design of the hats whoo’d me. The color scheme was a mix of dusty, sugary pastels with pops of electric blue, yellow and orange.




Actresses Kristin Scott Thomas and Juliette Binoche sat in the front row of the Armani Prive couture show according to the Associated Press. Giorgio Armani’s 68-piece collection for spring and summer featured Oriental prints in delicate structures.Too exquisite,the elegance&sophistication Armani upholded in his collection was impeccable. Elegant silhouttes, draped in silk and beaded materials, walked down a catwalk with bamboo columns on either sides. The Armani models had sleek ponytails, feminine jackets and oversized accessories. Glittering nude fabrics offset the statement sashes and bamboo motifs. Exquisite pieces, Armani has a good eye when it comes to selection of good garments.

giorgio-armani-prive_1armani 4armani 5armani 1


Venice Beach’s skating and surfing subculture inspired Alexander Wang for fall, yielding a fun and nonchalant collection with a “neo hippie” vibe. It was symbolized by Wang’s new “tropic” palm print, shown head-to-toe in gray and black for flocked wool flannel suits in reflective yellow on mesh bonded nylon parkas and shirts.Wang is good with print&displays it perfectly good.

Alexander’s collection discreetly embossed camouflage motifs on waterproof technical fabric were worked into military hooded parkas and cargo pants.  The Bandana’s were inspired intarsia sweaters, logo T-shirts with colorful bar codes and bucket hats also hit on the designer’s streetwear sensibility.The collection is a beautiful mixture of modern looks.  In more classic vein, a lightly quilted zipped jacket in pinstripes came with a matching crew neck top and sweater pant, offering a cool alternative to “formal” suits.

Wang’s commercial savvy was evident in the range of leather pieces displayed at his showroom: Corrugated leather biker jackets, shearling duffle coats and a parka in lambskin that mimicked terrycloth.

Alexander wang 1 alexander wang 4 alexander wang 3 alexander wang 2


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