After my careful&thorough research&browsing on local Fashion blogs. I’ve come to conclude to the growth they have developed on their blog content. When some people hear “Fashion Blogs” they just assume all of the blogs are the same,which is not necessarily true. The content maybe similar but its up to the blogger to put a creative spin here&there to make a blog different. Everyone wants their blog to be unique, to stand out to be one of the kind.                                      Fashion blogging is one of the common ways to express emotion, attitude, culture, and personality. Each blogger has their own way of styling and interpretation of what fashion means to them.

A lot of people are getting into the mix of blogging in general its definitely amazing to see the rich work people blog about.SA fashion blogs are not only upholding&uplifting the beauty of South African fashion but also embracing the diverse fashion culture of other countries,emerging them&presenting unity in a global platform.

They outsource inspiration from different places&visualize them in a more personal capacity.                                                    Fashion is a popular topic amongst many individuals throughout South Africa. Fashion blogs have sprung up and many enthusiastic bloggers have taken to posting their favourite fashion photographs and insights into their own unique style.

Not that I’m saying the blog contents were dull and boring but they have turned to a more daring and un-limiting level giving their readers more confidence to try out the various trends .Play with your clothes,mix&match, bring out something more unusual but pleasant on the eye.

SA Fashion blogs/bloggers have definitely expanded the content to a more go-to platform for style and fashion inspiration&setting the bar higher for other up&coming fashion bloggers. They have created a major room for growth,innovation.diversity,individualism&that I dearly love. You might think the blogs/bloggers I will be listing below have the same style of blogging,No, the structuring,approached angle,layout&styling is absolutely unique in each blog

My top 10 South African Fashion Blogs are :

1.Trevor Stuurman presents.

Twitter handle: @Trevorstuurman                      Trevor Stuurman

2.Soweto collective trio presents.

Twitter handle: @iseedifferent                          #ISeeADifferentYou

3.Anthony Bila Johannesburg’s artist and photographer.

Twitter handle: @AnthonyBila      aa_anthonybila_07

  1. Allen Coleman a creative,edgy S.A fashion photographer presents     Allen Coleman
  2. Chisanga Mubanga South African Fashion ,Street Style Photography presents         Chisanga MubangaTwitter handle:@ChisangaMubanga
  3. Selloane Moeti A Durban based Fine Art graduate and Fashion Stylist presents.                                           http://selloane.tumblr.comSelloaneTwitter handle : @blk_peach
  4. . Fashion group with a urban&vintage touch presents                               TwImg-20150120-151328
  5. One of SA’s sexiest&stylish Bloggers Lauren Campbell presents.  http://fashionistact.wordpress.comLauren CampbellTwitter handle: @FashionistaCT
  6. Jerri  Mokgofe South African fashion stylist, publicist and blogger presents                      Jerri Mokgofe

    Twitter handle: @JerriMokgofe

  7. . A collective from Soweto is titled Styla Gang. The gang presents.                          stylagang

    Twitter handle: @STLYAGANG.


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