A young mind doing big for himself. I welcome Sbusiso Ngwenya best known as Skinny Sbu Socks. In April 2013 Sbusiso gave birth to his company that deals with exclusive stylish socks for gentlemen titled “Skinny Sbu Socks.Sbu was raised in a house full of women.Grandmother, mother, aunt and sister which made him very aware of style and fashion&that leaded him to paying a close eye to finer detail.


Socks are a very important part of Sbu’s look, he paid special attention to where they came from and was surprised to find out that most socks sold in South Africa are not manufactured here. He decided to start his own sock line and soon realised there was a lack of South African designers specializing in socks for men. That’s what I call an Innovative mind. Coming up with a rare concept,giving it life&engaging us on his vision.

I’m very sure people didn’t take his concept serious but the end result is amazing&worth a purchase. Mr Ngwenya was born and raised in Tsakane, a township in Gauteng’s East Rand. A business mentor who owns a shop in Maboneng, Johannesburg, hosts monthly sessions where entrepreneurs meet, network, pitch ideas and receive feedback from their peers. Sibusiso pitched his sock line and was spotted by a CNN employee, which lead to him landing a three minute feature on CNNs ‘African Start-Up’ which focuses on young, up and coming African entrepreneurs in March 2014. Talk about true hustle. The uniqueness&diversity of Skinny Sbu Socks is global. His expanding his brand&it deserves such great lengths.


I truly admire the strength,dedication&focus he put on his brand. His brand to be noticed&loved by the mass. Skinny Sbu socks is a part of the retail industry,its growing&has a lot of potential .The socks range targets young, metropolitan men who care about their looks from head to toe. They are colourful, funky and incorporate every colour of the rainbow with different patterns and graphics,that’s what attractive about the socks are the bright colours that blend in well with any outfit. Some of SA’s well known faces are Sbusiso’s clients namely: Tumisho Masha, radio DJ T Bo Touch and musical band The Muffinz. And I’ve seen the socks on South African Fashion Week (SAFW) runways which is a remarkable&humbling experience for him.Sbusiso supplies his socks to Urban Gentleman; a store in Maboneng, he makes personal deliveries to clients who often reach him through social networking sites.


What started out as a way of trying to be stylish is fast making Sbu more and more popular in an era where the modern man is becoming more conscious of his style, including the way his socks


All the best of luck Mr Ngwenya your journey just only begun,lots is yet to come.

Further details:

Twitter: @SkinnySbuSocks.

Email: sbu@skinnysbu.co.za


Facebook Page: Skinny Sbu Socks.

Cell number:  +27 84 869 562


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