How To Pack Stylishly For A Work Trip

I peeped on the internet and I found a very interesting article about packing stylishly for a work trip. By Natalie Kingham, the well-travelled buying director of Matches Fashion. 1. Invest in a good case
When I started travelling for work I soon learnt that having good luggage is invaluable. At an airport or train station, when you are trying to juggle your magazines, coffee and handbag while keeping an eye on the safety of your computer or iPad, a small, carry-on case to put your bits in makes life so much easier.

I have a four-wheel case that is more practical to manoeuvre than a big, heavy handbag, and it keeps my things organised and safe. All my cases are Samsonite : they are really light, which is crucial for flying.
2. Be prepared
Keep your travel essentials ready-packed in little bags or pouches. Having them ready saves a chunk of time and takes a whole lot off your mind. I keep a lint roller, shoe shiner and sewing kit together in a bag, and in another bag I keep some mini-size cosmetics, such as deodorant and toothpaste, and my favourite beauty product for flying, Hydrating B5 Gel by SkinCeuticals (£59).
You can’t afford to catch a cold or feel under the weather when working away, so I have a little bag of vitamins – I find vitamins C and B12 work for me – and a medicine bag with everything from blister plasters to sun cream and other remedies.
Finally, I have a shoe bag of socket adapters. I keep the various bags in my suitcase, along with a blanket and neck cushion, ready to go.
3. Choose versatile pieces
A crew-neck cashmere sweater is perfect for travelling because it is thin enough to layer and always looks pulled together. I buy mine from The Row and Equipment .
T-shirts can be hard to get right when you are in changing climates, so I prefer a shirt, which adapts to the weather and always looks polished, whether it’s worn with a blazer or with a pair of jeans. The tuxedo shirt from Maison Martin Margiela is a favourite, and Frank and Eileen also has some good options.
Always take a great hat away with you, just in case it rains. An umbrella can be a pain to juggle but a hat always looks stylish. I like the Virginie and Henrietta hats by Maison Michel . A big, fine scarf is useful for the plane or if the temperature drops. Denis Colomb and Haider Ackermann make some lovely big ones. Keep the colour neutral so that it will work with all of your outfits, no matter the season.

4. Pick out lightweight fabrics
Put some consideration into the fabric of your clothes. Choose fabrics that don’t crease easily when you are sitting and that adapt to different temperatures. I like lightweight wool crêpe because it looks polished and seems to keep me both warm and cool at the right moments.
A lightweight coat in wool crêpe is useful because it won’t take up much room in your case. I particularly like an A-line cut in a bold colour as it can instantly smarten up casual travelling clothes. Try Roksanda Ilincic or By Walid .

5. Plan, plan, plan
Try to organise everything in advance (so that you have enough time to make an emergency trip to the dry-cleaners if necessary). Have a quick look at the weather and glance through your diary to help plan your outfits. I write a list and then lay everything out on my bed before it goes in the case.
I haven’t figured out how to travel with only a couple of pairs of shoes. This 5 pointers are valid&very important for a person who is constantly traveling for work purposes.You will never go wrong if you follow them.

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