The Impeccable Fashion Sense Miroslava Duma&Olivia Palermo Uphold.

A brief introduction of the two beautiful&oh so stylish ladies. Miroslava Duma such a goddess.And while you might not know her name, you most definitely recognize her from being all over the internet during Fashion Week,she is married to businessman Alexei Mikheyev& has a boy, named George.She’s known for her glorious street style looks&is a former Harpers Bazaar Russia Editor-In Chief. Her education is not directly related to the world of fashion journalism in which she dwells today. Olivia Palmero is an American actress,socialite&model has worked for a whole lot of well known publications.She is best known for her role Cult US reality TV show The City.Being part of the Social scene in New York it has exposed Olivia to the world of fashion. The do’s &don’ts. What little can be culled about Olivia Palermo’s background can usually be found in some backbiting blog about the New York social scene, where she takes catty hit after hit for every reason under the sun. One look at her and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the motives of these blogs jealousy. Olivia Palermo is a knockout of the highest order drop-dead, jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
The common thing that these women have is being style-obsessed which I love& I’m adopting. Duma&Palermo’s style is all about self expression in the utmost level ever. Dressing for their body shape&size is key,that is what I’ve learned from the ladies. I maybe a full figured woman but I do take a lot of dressing tips&how to put together a great outfit from the ladies. Each outfit they put on is effortless& is about embracing their womanhood. You can follow them on the following social networks. Twitter: @TheRealOliviaP. Website:www​ Instagram:oliviapalermo. Miroslava is available on instagram only @miraduma.

#TheCreativePattern Twitter: @SibongileJafta


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