I Wave a Flag to Himeros Swimwear by @_Zanie

Himeros swimwear founded by the beautiful Zanie,if you don’t know her,she’s BIG on Twitter. Himeros is a luxury swimwear brand that aims to cater to all shapes and sizes with sexy,edgy yet classy swimwear.It was formed in July 2014 and has been operating since 22 September. Zanie has 2 female partners.She is mainly in charge of the Sales/Marketing and PR, Phumi Nkosi looks after Production and Max Mofokeng is in charge of Procurement. Zanie’s ultimate reason to venture into this beautiful journey is she saw the need for swimwear in SA that will cater to women who want to make a statement with their swimsuits and not just use it for swimming.Our modern designs also allow our swimsuits to be part of a going out outfit ,which puts the versatile spin to the swimsuit.On top of looking sexy and sophisticated ,we believe our clients deserve value for money products that can be used for more than swimming.For example,you can actually pair our bikinis with a high waist skirt or pants and it will look like a top and changes completely from being a bikini. That’s definitely versatile&very flexible. The mere fact that they cater for different body shapes is a Win in my eyes it shows the accommodating length they trying to reach as well as appeal to a broader client base. Himeros is removing that stereotype idea that swimwear is for skinny/slender people. They all about providing for the mass. “Most women buy the high waist and one pieces.I would also advise you to  buy different bikinis to also suit your mood for the day and the occasion.Know your shape very well (we normally advise you to speak to the ladies working at lingerie shops to take your measurements so you can get a perfect fit) and always try get a swimsuit that will accentuate your goddess figure”. In every business start up you face difficulties but those difficulties are no reason to slack&pull a long face. Zanie shares a few of her challenges. ” Funding was something that we were challenged with as people did not have confidence in retail profits if you are not a well established brand. Now it was 3 black women venturing into swimwear was a shock to a lot of people but we managed to make everything work.We do hope we get government support so we can tackle unemployment through growth”. I absolutely admire the strength&driving spirit Zanie has she is an explain that if you have a vision go through extreme measures to see it come to life&live that vision day by day. Himeros Swimwear is here to stay its classy,sassy,elegant with beautiful designs&nice&bright colours. If you don’t support Himeros who will?Did I forget to mention that by the rate its going its a matter of time till they hit the global market. Would love to know the reason behind the name ‘Himeros’ its catchy very easy on the lips. I like it. All the best to Zanie,Phumi,Max&the driving force behind the luxurious swimwear. Further details don’t hesitate: Twitter – @HimerosSA
Instagram – @HimerosZA
Facebook – HimerosSA. Email: info@himeros.co.za. Office Phone +27110564115 Or follow @_Zanie.

#TheCreativePattern Twitter: @SibongileJafta


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