StateOfTheArt Gallery Is My Escape

The tagline says it all.INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF SOUTH AFRICAN ART,so profound.StateoftheART, an innovative company selling and commissioning  affordable contemporary art created by fine arts graduates and emerging artists from around South Africa. How I love the sound of that. The ARTS being taken seriously&recognized.

StateoftheART is an online art gallery,utilizing the power of the internet to create a platform from which genuinely talented but undiscovered artists could launch their careers. Galleries rarely work with unknown names leaving many young artists waiting up to three years to be represented. Which is the sole purpose of StateOfTheArt,uplifting young artists&showcasing their work to the mass. StateoftheART gives these artists a foot in the door and provides a means for talented early-career artists to gain exposure and sell their work, as well as giving art enthusiasts an opportunity to acquire original contemporary art at a reasonable cost. All of our artists have been carefully selected by the StateoftheART Curatorial Panel – instead of  showcasing thousands of artists, we choose to represent only a limited number in our online art gallery – so you can be sure of the quality of the South African contemporary art for sale. The majority of our proceeds are given to the artists who create these works. So when you buy art from StateoftheART you’re directly supporting our artists. 
I love the direction the gallery is facing.A strong platform for young artists in South Africa is needed&they should push the creative envelope&not limit themselves.
The online platform is complemented by a brick-and-mortar art gallery in Cape Town which offers art lovers the opportunity to physically experience a dynamic selection of works by artists.  You’ll find them at 61 Shortmarket Street they open 6 days a week.
Obtaining a BA in Motion Picture Medium has made me draw myself more closer to the world of the Arts.The peace,tranquility,joy&sense of belonging it has brought in my life is magnificent. Being in different fields in the Arts has made me embrace the originality,power&impact Art has in an individual. Art is GODLY. The visuals you about to see are taken from the StateOfTheArt Gallery from Paintings,Sculptures&Photographys. Do enjoy 🙂


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