Robyn Cooke Better Known As @StyleGuideCT Is No Stranger In The Fashion Industry

Fashion editor, stylist, writer, reviewer, commentator and fashion geek,is Robyn Cooke.The blog StyleGuide CT is about empowering the fashion industry, especially in Africa&celebrating all that we find magical and charming about fashion which is Class.Robyn is also Head of Ecommerce TFG (The Foschini Group). The blog give you access to fashion people, information and sights you simply can’t get anywhere else.Trust me Robyn Cooke dishes out the best of the best in the fashion industry.

This blog has created a platform for a community of fashion-minded individuals who come together to discuss, review and applaud how fashion is worn, how fashion is designed and made,the garment&selection of the garments. How fashion is sold and all the individual elements and people that come together to build this industry – where possible with a personal, insider angle, and an African slant. Which is very much acknowledged. Robyn strives to educate,empower&instill everything fashion related & of course sharing all things fashionable with fashion lovers. Being experienced in marketing and communications professional, specifically in the fashion and technology fields, Robyn owns a well known lifestyle social media and digital brand, under the name Style Guide. I really look up to Robyn,the name she has built for herself,struggles she’s been through in the industry in order to be recognized&for her work to be appreciated. It wasn’t easy I’m very much sure but you rose above the odds. I take Robyn as my mentor,a lot of tips,angles to approach fashion&knowlege she has obtained she shares.One of the things I love about Robyn is the length she goes when explaining a certain look she likes in the process she is feeding my hungry mind in fashion. You are the voice in Global fashion That’s the warmth she has with her job. Catch her on: Twitter: @StyleguideCT. Blog:


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