His Life Touches Me Doctor A.M Nkumanda

Doctor Nkumanda is an anesthesia ,Anesthesiologists help ensure the safety of patients undergoing surgery. The anesthesiologist provides care for the patient to prevent the pain and distress they would otherwise experience. This may involve general anesthesia (“putting the patient to sleep”), sedation (intravenous medications to make the patient calm and/or unaware) or regional anesthesia (injections of local anesthetic near nerves to “numb up” the part of the body being operated on (i.e. nerve blocks or spinal/epidural injections).He studied at Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape south Africa

Doctor Nkumanda is an energetic,easily approachable human being,very vibrant you easily get along with him. He is a pleasant doctor who loves keeping the peace flowing and is highly well mannered. He is not a materialistic individual, he knows the true meaning of life and values it. He is a peoples person a men of great value, dignity, morals and principles. Being a doctor has humbled him more because of the passion, love, compassion he gives out to people& patients.

Generosity lives in him, that comes to the purpose of my blog post. Doctor Nkumanda recently moved back to Mthatha . There is a high profile private hospital that has recently opened in September 2014 called Mthatha Private Hospital Crossmed by his close friend & colleague Doctor C.O.Y Yako.  The amount of effort, dedication,sweat and devotion he has applied was and is marvelous.

With the bad publicity the hospital has been receiving things were not looking on the bright direction. He stepped in and offered his good ability of arms giving since its a strong part of him. The hospital has been experiencing unpleasant & exhausting financial problems. You  would never imagine the great length he went to save a life of a growing hospital, a hospital that will represent Mthatha, a hospital that will give hope to the sick and uphold a high class profile.

His concern is about people hence giving offerings  to the less privileged warms his heart. His humanity is a never ending stream powered by God. I may not know him personally but what I’ve gathered and my few encounters with him I can safely & proudly say “your work is heaven sent in the most abundant way you can put together .Ubuntu circulates in his family, his beautiful wife Doctor Nobuntu Nkumanda a pediatrician hums the same tune. The Nkumanda’s are mentors to young children, people forget that to prosper in life include and involve the community that is what I’ve learned from them.

Doctor Nkumanda’s generosity has touched my soul to the extent when I see him I always feel like saying ” May God bless your generous heart”. When someone does good deeds appreciation, encouragement, gratitude & blessings from the most high are to be shown.Your work is appreciated by the mass keep it going with your strong faith&hope. God bless.

I couldn’t get a photo of Doctor Nkumanda, the photo below is Doctor C.O.Y Yako the CEO of the hospital.

Doctor A.M Nkumanda






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