Who is Aimee Song?

Aimee Song is a 25 year old interior designer and fashion blogger. Never heard of her? Her blog, Song of Style , might not be on your radar but with a whopping 2 million page views a month and 763,940 instagram followers she’s a big hitter across the pond. Now that’s Aimee Song,she’s global.
She is a Californian girl born and raised, she admits fashion wasn’t her first love: “I was a tomboy as a teenager; I played a lot of sports in high school.” She began blogging in 2008 whilst studying Interior Architecture in San Francisco, originally with the aim of posting interior design shots. When she uploaded a photograph of one of her ballsy, bright outfits ahead of a job interview, however, it quickly sparked interest. Aimee’s blog is perfection from the interior designs to fashion,runway to street style its definitely my cup of tea. She was recently in South Africa for The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa around October. She was highly welcomed &enjoyed her stay. She explored the beautiful artistic&luxurious boutiques&was fascinated at how South African fashion has rapidly grown. Aimee has made a name for herself through her blog&appreciates the love&support she has been getting from when she started till today.
For affordability and trendier pieces, Aimee like Zara and H&M. She loves J.Crew and Madewell for mixing pieces. And recently, she found a new love for Ann Taylor because they make low high heels that are so comfortable. Aimee’s blog offer a piece for every lady. Class, style,elegance& comfort. Know you know who is Aimee Song. Do follow her. Twitter: @AIMEESONG. Instagram: @AIMEESONG. Blog: http://songofstyle.com

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