On The Rise Apiwe Gobodo Also Known As @Apthepoet

Apiwe Gobodo is a poet from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape but based in Johannesburg South Africa. He’s doing his third/final year at the Academy Of Sound Engineering in Auckland Park. Poetry is his love,it flows in his veins. When you read Apiwe’s poetry you get a chance to visit his busy thoughts&understand his gift in depth.  Featuring him on my blog is all about the love,the energy I feel when I read his poetry&uplifting him to keep on writing& empowering us with his thoughts&words.                    Mr Gobodo is an ordinary guy just trying to make people understand,love&appreciate his love for poetry.                                             I’ve chosen a poem I like by AP its titled:         ALONE IN POETRY.              “Holding me frozen in one thought
Imagine a time tied, no tangled with you cuddling
Do you not walk in smiling knowingly
Because my heart beat sent radio signals to your soul
Because you’ve known that part of me ever since I was born
You understand the longing
The yearning
You understand that as a child I was beaten so it’s hard for me to trust human beings
You whisper into my ear every night that it’s ok
At the school yard I don’t play
I just wait for that time when I’m alone with poetry
In your eyes I see a reflection of me growing old knowing that I spent the time knowing
Which enhances one ability of showing
You know this
You are this
You are the kiss laid on forehead, to cheek, to lips
The secret told in the dark alone with Poetry
Touch me
Please, touch me
Fulfill my lust, desires
Yes thrust and penetrate
Yes come and take me to a place much higher
I’m not a fighter, defenses down
Alone with Poetry!
Orange trees growing in the garden planted by seeds of thought
Free thought
A breath-taking moment where truth is revealed in front of your eyes
Growing in the cries of broken hearts, open heart-
surgery with words planted in the depths of the spirit of young hunger
I hunger
With Poetry”                                                                                                    You can follow him on                    twitter: @ApThePoet.                          Instagram: @apisthepoet.                    Blog: http://apthepoet.tumblr.com

#TheCreativePattern @Sibongilejafta


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