The Class&Elegance that @CSquaredSA Offers.

CSquared is an 11 year-old brand which started off as a branch brand from Carducci. CSquared menswear is South Africa’s most cutting edge formal wear brand. The chosen brand worn by Celebrities, IT-Guys and Stylers. With it’s 2 stores, Rosebank in Johannesburg&Canal Walk Cape Town. It offers affordability in style embodied in the most accustom made tailored suits&Tuxedo’s. The Class&Elegance CSquared offers is Bold,unique,diverse in designs,artistic in planning&executed with a touch of flair. You can’t deny the sophistication a man has when putting on a suit from CSquared,it oozes maturity&gives a man a sense of real manhood. The reason I vouch for men to try out CSquared menswear is the detail,simplicity,colour coordination&empiccable design each suit has. As the Tagline says “DRESS YOUR SOUL” its all about menswear that makes you feel good inside&out. The photos to be displayed where taken by SDR Photos.

#TheCreativePattern @Sibongilejafta


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