His Artwork Moves Me, His @Sindisonyoni

Sindiso Nyoni aka R!OT is a Bulawayo native born and raised in Zimbabwe, Johannesburg based,contemporary illustrator, activist, street artist and multidisciplinary independent Graphic artist. Before I carry on can I just say Sindiso Nyoni your artistry is heaven sent. I’m always lost for way when I view your visuals,breath of fresh air,keeps me hungry for more&is delivered with humbleness. With Sindiso art is a way of him expressing his innermost feelings&displays it with the intention that people can see his art through his light. Mr Nyoni describes R!OT as a graphic style and aesthetic that combines traditional and digital media, mixing old with new by using “new school” drawing techniques whilst also delving into history and social issues. The development,situations&energy in Johannesburg has incredibly inspired&moulded his work. Sindiso says he is intrigued by the rise of female creatives in a male-dominated industry, citing local artists such as Mary Sibande, Thandiwe Tshabalala, Katlego Kgabale, Nokwanda Themba, Zimbabwean-born Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Jepchumba and Barbara Muriungi of AfricanDigitalArt. R!OT has rise above all odds&told himself that this is his passion,nothing&no one will stand in his way. “I feel that as creatives we have a duty to contribute to our communities using art that addresses social issues, advocates awareness and change, which can ultimately open minds to act towards making a difference”
Sindiso Nyoni. . All the best with your future plans

#TheCreativePattern @Sibongilejafta


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