Kim,Kanye&North West named FFF ‘First Fashion Family’

My favourite international family THE WESTS have been named the 1st Fashion family by André Leon Talley. I personally believe they deserve the recognition because of their Oh! so gorgeous,sleek,stylish&elegant outfits in red carpet events&outings. No one can deny the amount of style the Wests have,even little their daughter North has got it. Did you see the all black outfit she had on at Paris Fashion Week? Not even 2 years old&she’s known in the fashion scene :). On the other hand some people might disagree&say negative things about the Wests like ‘Why them?what makes them THAT special to be honored that way?but we shall not dwell on the negativity because fact will remain they simply stylish&fashion savvy. They know how colour coordination works which is very important in the fashion industry as well as paying attention to detail. And not to forget their distinctive taste in picking out the right outfits. All the best for the Wests you truly do deserve the award.

#TheCreativePattern @Sibongilejafta


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