Modern High Tea Attire

High tea is well known&loved globally but the heart of it is in England. its a stylish opportunity for women to chat with friends, sip Earl Grey, nibble on finger sandwiches, and just be girls again. Afternoon tea can be split into three categories:

Traditional: the classic, old-fashioned, full-service, white glove teas
Modern: the full tea (savory, sweets, and scones), but in a less formal setting where the food is often more contemporary.
Basic: very causal teas where you can opt for just pastries and tea. Finding the right high tea attire is tricky but not difficult if you stick to the theme. After all we have always had the vision of queens and princesses dressed to the nines. Dressing for the occasion is easy if you know what to wear and what to avoid. Dresses are a wonderful choice for high tea, as these styles are comfortable and fashionable. When choosing the right dress, look for a pattern that is flattering and eye catching, but stay away from anything that looks too busy. And remember we modernizing the old fashion trend. A nice short or medium length dress,in any shape&style you desire. Your accessories shouldn’t be boring&plain,you need to STAND OUT.
Color will be key here, so choose shades that flatter your skin tone. With respect to the style, make sure that the bodice of the dress is high enough to be appropriate, but low and relaxed enough to look casual. Styles that might be a good fit include:
Tiered dresses
Flared hems. Peplum dresses. you should always remember look good&also feel comfortable at the same time
If you have a strapless summer/semi-formal dress that looks lovely, is a great shade, and fits just right, but you’re concerned about going without sleeves or straps, think about pairing the dress with a matching cardigan or blazer. Pencil skirts
Flared skirts
Tiered Skirts. Are very much appropriate for the function. Blend it in with nice formal blouses have a small bow tie&a nice pair of heels then you ready to go. And please remember we not losing the tradition of high tea attires,we just adding a twist to it giving it that vibrant&outstanding feel. There is nothing wrong with wearing pants to high tea, but make sure that the color and fabric of the pant matches the season. In other words, linen works well during the warmer months, while heavier fabrics, like wool, are well suited for the colder months. Jeans are also appropriate,there’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t wear jeans, particularly if they are of the dark and tailored variety. You want to stand out for your keen fashion prowess, not because you look inappropriate. Then comes the jewelry, Accessories can make or break an outfit, so choose yours with care. Pearls can never go out of fashion. Jewelry is always welcomed, but be sure not too wear too many items at once. An interesting necklace that offsets your attire is a good fit, as are bracelets and small earrings. Lastly the Shoes,Shoes are an important part of your outfit because they make a statement about who you are and your personality. Complete your look with closed or peep-toe pumps, strapped high-heeled sandals, or embellished ballet flats. Platforms are always the best or Opt for classic ballet flats because we differ as people some like flats&some like heels instead or pretty sandals they work quite well and flatter a wide variety of outfits. And relax&enjoy your High Tea 🙂

#TheCreativePattern @Sibongilejafta


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