Eda Rose shoe range ER Collection

South African talented&beautiful actress, radio personality and entrepreneur @EdaRoseofficial is @ERCollection . Miss Rose is also a managing director of her own company,she has designed and produced two shoe ranges. Her luxury range is sold online and marketed extensively through the media. Her inspiration to start her own shoe range began because of her shoe size 2.5 in platforms and 2 in flats made it difficult for her to find high fashion, quality and comfortable heels that fit. She deciding to do something about that&that lead to her giving birth to ER collection. Her Inspiration started when she was in Milan in Spring for holiday. She wanted fresh colours, spring inspired designs. She also walked the fashion forward boutiques of Milan and searched for new trends for her collection. A quote by Eda “ER Collection is different because of our own unique shoe styles, offering a maximum of 19 styles of each line and only 13 sizes of each style throughout the world”. Miss Rose has worked with an Italian shoe designer named Sergio Amaranti. A great collaboration, he introduced her to a whole new level of class when it comes to the crafting of footwear by showing her the value of handmade quality, one of which is comfort without compromising on glamour. Eda believes her shoe range is different from any other because the quality of the shoe is of a very high standard since they are handmade, offering excellent comfort while still maintaining exceptional high fashion style. Also her brand has a face which people are beginning to recognize and most importantly relate to. Eda Rose’s highlight throughout her collection is the sense of relief her customers/clients experience when they put on a pair of ER shoes. Firstly they also a shoe size 2&because they can also partake on the latest trends&be comfortable at the same time. It makes her feel as if she has succeeded with her purpose which is to make all women be part of the fashion-forward yet one of a kind movement at the same time. In the future Miss Rose would love to include lingerie and other accessories, but never ever compromising on the quality of the material.

#TheCreativePattern @Sibongilejafta


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