Monochrome For Any Season

For me personally the Monochrome look will never die down. In each&every season there is a different way to rock the monochrome look to suit you perfectly. The monochrome look is contemporary, the style is a perennial favourite, and black and white is still going to be a trend. You can try out stylish elegance that works as well on the street as it does in the boardroom. With monochrome its all about playing around with Black&White. To keep the spark on your monochrome outfits add colour or mix textures that’s very important. Animal print or brightly coloured high heel shoes or nice formal shoes for men work instantly. Add a focal point of interest to a black and white ensemble. Yes, it is black and white with a twist of colour! ( Bright red, yellow, green or orange shoes would work just as well as the blue.). Textures such as quilting, cables and boucle are not only trendy, but they add winter warmth, and accessorising with a splash of gold always brightens up a look. There are so many ways to spice up your monochrome look to keep it fun,edgy&modern. Adding colour with a scarf is an easy and versatile option. Attach the scarf to a bag or follow tradition in draping it around your neck. Is it still monochrome if you add colour? Why not? Isn’t fashion about being daring and breaking rules?
Wear a Hat, Opt for Layering or Mix and Match Patterns
Stand out from the crowd and wear a hat… it’s stylish and finishes off an outfit beautifully.
Experiment with layering, combining textures and lengths. That’s the beauty of Monochrome.

#TheCreativePattern Twitter: @SibongileJafta


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