New York Fashion Week S/S 15 Report

6 Days of absolutely stunning,amazing,easy on the eye,beyond beautiful collections hit the runway at the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 at the Lincoln Centre. My summary of the NYFW is ‘ Sparkling elegance meets playful details’ 4-11 September 2014. ALEXANDER WANG According to Alexander Wang pimped-out stylish sneakers aren’t going out of the trend anytime soon. Following on from renditions by Chanel and Dior .Wang put his case forward for a bad-ass high-heeled stretchy version woven in neon – imagine a high-end Nike Flyknit. And they looked just the ticket paired with engineered knitted scuba dresses. There was some pretty fierce tailoring too; gone were the rounded exaggerated shoulders of seasons past, Wang chartered a new path for himself with longer, leaner, rigorously streamlined blazers, narrow shouldered and pulled in with Aertex belts or giant barcoded waist cinchers. They were teamed with high-waisted trousers, almost as tight as leggings
There was a lot of sporty reference to his collection which added some funk to the runway.Aertex was crafted into a bomber jacket or employed elsewhere as accents; running shorts were layered over tailored Bermudas and go-faster white piping trimmed trouser pockets, all hints enough to suggest that Wang isn’t about to leave his youthful, athletic tendencies aside now that he is into his thirties and comfortably in his seat at Balenciaga. 
Alexander Wang didn’t even dissapoint he delivered as per usual.elegance filled with a lot of youthful designs. ALTUZARRA She’s an expensive creature the Altuzarra woman. Just look at her in that rich tobacco suede shirtdress.There’s something very distinct about his collection it ooze sophistication on a simplicity level. Even when she adopts a touch of seersucker pastel gingham, it’s done so in a lean pencil skirt suit and comes over as more pristine than picnic, because everything is this woman’s wardrobe is pristine: from the series of lattice leather vests and pencil skirts (meticulously bonded and grommeted together by hand and worn with nothing underneath but a monied suntan) to those silky shirt dresses with slits up to there (few could execute such slashes without proceedings turning unsavoury).Altuzarra’s collection is expensive in taste, formal&classy perfect for the office&formal functions.  

Altuzarra is expert at dressing his woman. Those shirt dresses are a favourite of his, so too those wrap-around skirts with ribbon streams and ties, and disrupted blanket stripes on slubbed linen car coats. Certainly there was a romance to his series of wafting eveningwear; wisp-thin and sail-like in volume in a manipulated ikat print, and elsewhere, slithers of black silk slip dresses were trimmed in tiny dangling seed pearls; Altuzarra said he wanted to evoke ideas in 17th century jewellery and adornment. A triumph. ZOE JORDAN British designer Zoe Jordan isn’t afraid to experiment with layers. In this mostly monochromatic S/S15 collection, Jordan‘s pieces are minimalistic but with a slight twist.It was my first time coming across a Zoe Jordan collection&ive been impressed from the start,the patterns&material are unique&bold. Absolutely loved the structured suit jacket + shorts and dress with boldly repetitive “Zoe Jordan” print that reminds us of Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress.
Chilled blues and nudes soften the palette, bringing in a subtle feminine touch to an otherwise tomboyish collection. These pieces are for the travelled woman who is involved and interested in expressing herself culturally,socially, and professionally. DKNY. The perfect way to describe the DKNY is a beautiful jungle of colours.Clashing prints, bold stripes and techno fabrics really made this collection stand out.The energy of the bright, bold geometric prints and zingy colours meant this show won’t be forgotten in a hurry – a true standout New York Fashion Week moment.A classic&timeless collection. I would summarise the collection by saying DKNY brought bright and bold trends ,enthusiastic cuts and eccentric statement pieces to the collection.A perfect win. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG. DVF’s collection is all about monochrome&florals which is very bright,beautiful,bold&is all about Summer. Kendall Jenner was walking for DVF’s collection&she did a good&remarkable job. Diane Von Furstenberg continues to impress, sending her girls down the runway clad in whimsical 60s pieces, in a fitting display of modern female power. this collection was about showcasing women.  There was nothing new or attention-grabbing – just fun, flirty clothes for the woman with a passion for lazy afternoons, and perhaps, a love of Brigitte Bardot. Florals and oversized gingham throughout spoke of whimsical, outdoorsy fun ,the hapless innocence of picnicking, and easy living.  The palette was fresh – plenty of white, mixed with brights such as royal blue and canary yellow, with the silhouettes suggesting a laid-back 60s glamour.  There was a baby-pink toile mikado shirt-dress, a black-and-white gingham shift with yellow sequins, and crop-tops galore, including a cropped variant of von Furstenberg’s signature wrap dress, with a black ribbon tied above a tanned, Rivera-ready midsection.Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy’s collection is going to see out at every rock concert and music festival next summer. The clothes are fun, colorful, fancy, glittery, and exude that whole rock and roll spirit. We see a lot of band-inspired looks, all super tight and tailored, modified to give a little sparkle and a lot of  sexy to the looks. The first look, a maroon and black cape with gold piping over identical shorts with a tight-fitting gold sweater, set a very strong and common tone for a majority of the collection. Toss in some red sparkly booties and we’re good to go. How can anything in this collection not be fun with Tommy Hilfiger being the designer … if one is 15?.Tommy’s collections always scream ‘Its Summer,show off your beautiful body’.
This is a collection built around specific motifs. There’s the band uniform. There are stripes. There are hats that are a cross between band uniform and biker gang,everthing outfit is colourful. There are stars a lot of stars Black patent leather,Modified Tux vests, Super-long striped scarves?, mix all these together along a palette of dark toned primary colors and one immediately has a collection that is going to delight teens and frighten their parents, which is exactly what a good Tommy Hilfiger collection should do.All fierce. CAROLINA HERRERA As expected, the queen of elegance, Carolina Herrera, stunned with her glamorous S/S15 Collection at New York Fashion Week. The Venezuelan designer filled the runway with chic flower prints, bright and pastel colored gowns, and dreamy skirts. The models looked extra sleek with sophisticated updo’s, neutral makeup and statement lips. Herrera started New York Fashion Week with the right foot when she received the 2014 Couture Council Award from The Couture Council of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Herrera did not disappoint in bringing some of the most stunning gowns to the Fashion Week runway.Herrera’s collection has gradient treatments to the floral prints, the pieces almost looked three-dimensional. In some pieces, Carolina Herrera plays an experimental game by creating mosaic designs reminiscent of a less extreme Antoni Gaudi.  With her classical touch, modern pieces really signal a new moment for the most beloved of springtime motifs. 
DAVID TLALE. My Favourite proudly South African Designer,in SA we call him the ‘King Of Style’,very proud of him showcasing his S/S collection at Fashion Week. As Tlale says his Spring 2015 collection is about “giving women back their power and equipping them with a strong and confident sense of allure, without losing their essence and femininity.”

Since its September South Africa is celebrating Heritage month,getting in touch with our roots&identity,David’s collection touched based with it adding a modern, edgy, authentic and chic feel to it. David Tlale has proven that he is a design force with creations that go far beyond expectations&limits.Tlale is renowned for his love for elaborate designs, which are both daring and elegant&so chic. RALPH LAUREN. Fashion and tech are fast becoming 21st century siblings, but  Ralph Lauren’s SS15 show at New York Fashion Week is certainly a highly ambitious merger of the two.
In a formidable display of digital grandeur, the show will be held in Central Park, with holographic, four-storey tall models walking across a lake. Ralph Lauren’s vice president David Lauren tells of a constant desire to be on the frontline of innovation: “We’ve always been trying new technologies. We were the first fashion brand to sell on a mobile phone. We did a 4-D show a few years ago, so we are always trying to push the boundaries. Make no mistake, this is no intimate runway show. The audience is placed outdoors at the mercy of the elements and the clothes will be worn by 50 foot holograms walking through Central Park and other iconic New York landmarks. Polo for Women is Ralph’s Lauren’s first line for women and this is undoubtedly a smart way to announce an arrival.
“It’s a different experience,” says Lauren. “You know you won’t be able to touch the clothes or see the details but you’ll get an energy from it and a spirit. I think people are curious to see something new and different. The collection is sleek with Ralph Lauren you expect elegance in every possible aspect.I loved the colour&patterns he used. Ralph Lauren raised the bar in the world of fashion and technology.Monochrome was a key trend in this S/S collection using block colours, stripes and accessories. The practicality of each ensemble is comforting and has a great sense of New York sports-luxe. A touch of St.Trinian blended with Clueless minus the bright colours and you are in the mind of Ralph himself. This shows represents Ralph Lauren at its best, showing it’s practical, stylish and current, not to mention innovative with technology. CALVIN KLEIN. THE Calvin Klein brand went stratospheric with the ad campaign for its jeans “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” back in 1980. What a different route it has taken now under the direction of Francisco Costa.The collection is an example of a singular vision that Calvin Klein has. Costa is probably the most minimalist American designer in the States, chanelling his creativity into how to use fabrics rather than showing clothes that are easy to wear.

Opening with a self-described “compact technical sleeveless dress and engineered viscose fluted skirt”, CK’s collection focused on A-line shapes whether flared culottes, tunics or dresses belted under the bust in an array of navy and ivory.

The simple palette was worked out in metallic – weaves and mesh breaking out into only a few silvery mesh moments. Long tunics were worn over transparent skirts cut away deep under the arm and at the back.

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