The Revolution Of African Print In Fashion

The African print trend is a global trendsetter in the fashion industry. African inspired fashion has seen its high point these past couple of years. The fad has received major presence&love on the runway all over the world. Western and non- African designers alike have infused their styles with African designs, celebrities and public figures are loving and wearing these designs and the industry in Africa seems to be experiencing a tremendous boost&global love. African inspired fashion is identified by the use of African print fabrics, such as Kente, Ankara or the wax print, and the embodiment of African themes in designer creations. This also means that the trend is inspired by Africans and is not necessarily made in Africa. the wax print or Ankara used to be a fabric which had no fashion value at all, at least to the younger generation. Back then, the designs were not as exotic or as diverse as we see them today. They were only seen at weddings or traditional celebrations and could only be fashioned in a particular way, in the traditional Kaba and slit or top and wrapper. Even more so, the prints were most popular with dressmakers in Africa and not with designers as we see these days. Take a moment and ask yourself what African-inspired fashion is? Have you wondered about the inception of African fashion? How this craze started? And where it’s headed?  If you have ever asked these questions, this piece might just help enlighten you.

The exposure of African designs became more intense on both the local and international market boosting the origination of the African print&the powerful impact it has created to be a global fashion statement.

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