Oprah Winfrey’s cover of O Magazine

Oprah shows off her beautiful African curvy figure in a long-sleeved body suit for the cover of O Magazine September issue 2014, which she seemed pretty excited about.
She admits she was a little apprehensive about such a revealing cover but she was bold enough to do it and she made all the beautiful young ladies appreciate & love their bodies. Oprah quotes “As Maya Angelou says in ‘Phenomenal Woman’, “I’m not built to suit a fashion model size,” such a touching piece from the late poets/authors 1995 poem.

Ms Winfrey says she feels “pretty Phenomenal” about her end result which oozes class and sophistication. She felt the best way to confess about embracing the dramatic cat suit is by “pretending to be a movie star’.
The September issue of O magazine includes 32 ways to transform your life which Ms Winfrey is a fan of, she added “think about it you get one chance to be 25,38,44,61 and every age before and between, so why wouldn’t you want all the wonders in each step on your path?.The moral of this is to embrace your life and everything that comes in-between
So how does Oprah maintain all this fabulosity?
“ The best way I know for sure to stay in steady makeover mode is to take care of yourself. To feed yourself with love and loving thoughts. Each food that’s delicious to you and your body& most importantly surround yourself with people who bring you light “
Make sure you get yourself the September issue to read lengthily on her cover story, she even offers some words of advice around “kinds of minor changes that add up to major delight.

#TheCreativePattern Twitter: @SibongileJafta


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